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Goldie Lookin Chain - Safe As Fuck

  by Aaron Brown

published: 18 / 9 / 2005

Goldie Lookin Chain - Safe As Fuck
Label: Warner Bros
Format: CD


Low brow comedy rock from Welsh hip hop rappers Goldie Lookin' Chain

Having had the good fortune to meet this band on my travels, I was under the impression beforehand that they were just normal blokes. And like me, had had enough of the scally bling bling culture blighting the towns and cities around these islands. My preconceptions were right. The whole b-boy thing was just a cunning plan to make money and mock the very punters and fan base that come to their shows. But didn’t they do well. So that leads to their second offering, ‘Safe as Fuck’. If low brow is your thing, then lyrics about sexual relations with monkeys and wanting to shag your ex-girlfriend's sister will really bring out the chuckling adolescent in you. Tracks like ‘Shit Song’ are basically a humorous lambasting of the over-hyped pop charts. Perhaps the most funny and none more true track on this album is ‘Bad Boy Limp’, a hip-hop ode to the free loading excesses of the claims culture (why does this remind me of my beloved home town ?). And last but not least, ‘Your Missus is a Nutter’, the new binge drinking national anthem as far as I’m concerned. Humorous yes, but like all novelty albums the novelty quickly wears off I suppose. Three out of five.

Track Listing:-
1 Intro
2 Your Missus Is a Nutter
3 Bad Boy Limp
4 Charmschool
5 R N' B
7 Dog
8 Maggot at Midnight
9 Hit Song
10 Monkey Love
11 Short Term
12 Paranoia
13 Sister

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