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Loud 'n' Nasty - Too Much Ain't Enough

  by Aaron Brown

published: 19 / 8 / 2005

Loud 'n' Nasty - Too Much Ain't Enough
Label: Perris
Format: CD


Unpretentious and tongue-in-cheek cock rock from long serving Swedish glam rockers, Loud 'n' Nasty

I put this album on and straight away I felt like getting drunk, stoned and driving my high performance sports car with one of my musician friends (preferably a drummer) as a passenger on the wrong side of the road to the local off-licence to get more beer. Then I would probably crash, kill my musician friend (preferably a drummer), be found guilty of murder and then spend a month in prison Luckily some bastard clamped my car so I just beat my model/actress porn star girl friend instead and then died of an overdose of heroin. That's a true story honestly. This is pure tongue-wedged-firmly-in-cheek straight-up cock rock. It’s the sort of music you get on a soundtrack to an 80's slasher flick. With tracks like 'Little Miss Pretty' and 'Hellbound', this music is aimed purely at 80's revivalists who like their jeans tight, wear HI-TEC high tops and their hair with so much hairspray that the ice caps are melting due to the depleting ozone. This isn’t for the music snob who likes to explore the hidden meaning of songs so he/she can emphasise with the lyricist, unless you’re up for throwing TVs out hotel windows, getting wasted or shagging groupies. Safe to say, I really like this.It's ballsy unpretentious rock n’roll and a great soundtrack to start a night on the tiles.

Track Listing:-
1 Too Much Ain't Enough
2 Me and the Boys
3 You Better Run
4 Little Miss Pretty
5 Clown of the Town
6 Leave Me Alone
7 Sweet Sixteen
8 Hellbound

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