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Owen Peters


Al Joshua

London based singer songwriter Al Joshua, formerly of Orphans and Vandals, chats to Owen Peters about keeping creative during lockdown and his plans post-Pandemic.

Al Joshua
Ags Connolly
Al Joshua

After seeing him perform at Ronnie Scott’s, Owen Peters speaks to singer-songwriter Al Joshua about reaction towards his remarkable debut solo album ‘Out of the Blue’, his plans for his next album and the vinyl reissue of ‘I Am Alive and You Are Dead’, his previous band Orphan and Vandals’ only LP.
Owen Peters soon finds to hear real traditional country music travelling to Nashville isn't necessary. He finds the talented singer songwriter Ags Connolly not far from home in West Oxfordshire!
Owen Peters meets hard-to-categorise singer-songwriter Al Joshua to talk about Joshua's remarkable solo debut 'Out of the Blue'.

Vic Allen

On his way to a gig in Norwich, Owen Peters chances upon a talented busker. Vic Allen tells us more about what she's up to and how she got here
Owen Peters catches up with Vintage Pop aficionados The Jooles on the Isle of Wight and gains insight into their mission to make people dance...
Owen Peters chats to Mac, the front man with Wigan indie rock band the Ravellas, about his band's influences and music and how their latest single 'The Thunder' was chosen by Wigan Athletic as part of their Player of The Year celebrations
Owen Peters talks to James Bettis, the vocalist and guitarist in new Oxfordshire alternative rock band Kanadia, about their recent self-titled EP and forthcoming debut album

Megan Henwood
Nive and the Deer Children
Gretchen Peters
London Klezmer Quartet

Owen Peters comes across Oxfordshire-based singer-songwriter Megan Henwood by chance. Delving into her music in more detail, he is left wondering is she is 'a secret' about to be discovered?
It's been six years since Nive Nielsen's first album, but her second, 'Feet First' has been worth the wait. Nielsen speaks to Owen Peters about her native Greenland, travelling, her unorthodox route into the music business and overcoming stage fright
Owen Peters talks to the critically acclaimed Gretchen Peters about her lengthy musical career and her new double CD compilation album, 'The Essential Gretchen Peters'
Owen Peters speaks to violinist Ilana Cravitz from the London Klezmer Quartet about their Eastern European influences and musical background and its history

Little Red
Lauren Hoffman
String Project
Rhiannon Mair

Owen Peters talks to Ian Mitchell from Oxford-based alt-folk trio Little Red about his band's three EPs to date and his label All Will Be Well Records
Owen Peters talks with singer-songwriter Lauren Hoffman from her home in Virginia about her new band,the Secret Storm, with which she has returned after being in self-imposed exile for six years
Owen Peters attends a String Project gig in Oxford, interviews the band's founder Ben Mowat and wonders where 2016 will take this multi-talented musician
Owen Peters talks with rising singer-songwriter Rhiannon Mair about her forthcoming new EP before watching her play an entertaining gig in Henley-on-Thames


Johnnie 'Bloody' Walker

When he discovers an old cassette recorder in his attic, Owen Peters is met by a flood of memories of his teenage years listening and taping DJ Johnnie Walker's 70's lunchtime show and his argumentative parents

India Preston
Eileen Schaer
Ian Mitchell
Upstart Crow Festival

Owen Peters heads to Cornwall to walk it's coastline, but gets delayed in Falmouth when he comes across the artistic, youthful talents of India Preston
Liverpool-born and now Isle of Man-based painter Eileen Schaer chats to Owen Peters about her unusual paintings, her eclectic favourite musical acts and the influence of them on her art
Oxford music luminary Ian Mitchell has decided to set up a new kind of record label, All Will Be Well Records. Owen Peters meets him to find out all about it.
Owen Peters profiles the Upstart Crow Festival, a free singer-songwriter's festival which now in its second year will take place at Spitalfields Market and this year will include on its bill John Murry, Michele Stodart, Pete Greenwood, Felix Indiana and Brooke Sharkey

Live Reviews

Anoushka Shankar
Sarah Moule
Cara Dillon

Owen Peters finds Indian musician Anoushka Shankar's sitar playing elating and heavenly at a gig to promote her new album 'The Land of Gold' at the Birmingham Symphony Hall
Owen Peters, exploring another church in search of great jazz, finds that Sarah Moule and a band of local musicians don't disappoint
Owen Peters marvels at the vocal dexterity of Cara Dillon at her recent Nettlebed Folk Club gig, but is left with regret her set didn't have more of a mix to it


We Need To Talk About Cerys

We Need To Talk About Cerys

In the third and fourth part of a four part story by Owen Peters, the first two parts which we published last month, 'We Need To Talk About Cerys' tells of a marriage gently disintegrating, and the effect on it of Cerys Matthews' radio show
When he started running it wasn’t very far. So, Sunday was run, shower, listen to “her”, out of the house by midday and Sunday lunch here we come. With time “she” has, however, become a splintered co

We Need To Talk About Cerys
We Need To Talk About Cerys
Harry Chapin
Natalie Merchant

In a four part piece, two parts which we are publishing this month and two parts next month, Owen Peters offers a story/parable 'We Need To Talk About Cerys'. It tells of a marriage gently disintegrating as the years go by, and the impact on it of the music of Cerys Matthews
Returning from the George and Dragon quiz night, Hubby was troubled, very troubled. Pete brought Hubby home. “No I won’t come in. You probably want to talk about this evening”, Pete says. “Oh by the w
In our 'Gig of a Lifetime' column recalls attending his first gig as a teenager, which was a show by the late American folk singer-songwriter Harry Chapin at the Southport Theatre in 1977
In his 'TV Music Memories' column, in which he looks at TV music programmes, Owen Peters watches an unusual concert film in which 10,000 Maniacs' front woman Natalie Merchant performs songs from her 2010 album 'Leave Your Sleep', in which she converted nursery rhymes to songs


Amber Cross
Paul Hawkins and the Awkward Silences
Dana Immanuel
Sara Lowes

Lyrical and emotive second album from Maine-born but now Californian-based singer-songwriter Amber Cross
Darkly humorous and thought-provoking latest album from London-based anti-folk musician Paul Hawkins and his band the Awkward Silences
Impressive second album from banjo-playing London-based singer-songwriter, Dana Immanuel
Challenging and baffling but riveting second solo album from Manchester-based experimental musician, Sara Lowes

Mike Grogan
Sally Ironmonger
Slice of Life
Katarina Juvancic and Dejan Lapanja

Impressive and high-quality second album from Portsmouth-based singer-songwriter Mike Grogan
Heartfelt and thought-provoking but often comical third album from earthy Medway-based folk artist and singer-songwriter, Sally Ironmonger
Occasionally moving but often monotonous album from Slice of Life, the new project of Crass's Steve Ignorant
Unusual but beautifully presented album from Slovenian duo, Katarina Juvancic and Dejan Lapanja, which takes its inspiration from folklore and legends

Andrew Combs
Earth Experiment
Sarah Borges

Melancholic and reflective second album from Nashville-based singer-songwriter Andrew Combs, upon which his mature lyricism hides his surprising youth
Flawed but ultimately impressive debut EP from 70's psychedelic-influenced collective, Earth Experiment
Gorgeously packaged but unfocused fourth album from Boston-based singer-songwriter, Sarah Borges

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