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Owen Peters - Reviews

Amber Cross

Savage on the Downhill
Lyrical and emotive second album from Maine-born but now Californian-based singer-songwriter Amber Cross

Paul Hawkins and the Awkward Silences

Outsider Pop
Darkly humorous and thought-provoking latest album from London-based anti-folk musician Paul Hawkins and his band the Awkward Silences

Dana Immanuel

Dotted Lines
Impressive second album from banjo-playing London-based singer-songwriter, Dana Immanuel

Sara Lowes

The Joy of Waiting
Challenging and baffling but riveting second solo album from Manchester-based experimental musician, Sara Lowes

Mike Grogan

Make Me Strong
Impressive and high-quality second album from Portsmouth-based singer-songwriter Mike Grogan

Sally Ironmonger

The Company I Keep
Heartfelt and thought-provoking but often comical third album from earthy Medway-based folk artist and singer-songwriter, Sally Ironmonger

Slice of Life

Love and a Lamp-post
Occasionally moving but often monotonous album from Slice of Life, the new project of Crass's Steve Ignorant

Katarina Juvancic and Dejan Lapanja

Hope's Beautiful Daughters
Unusual but beautifully presented album from Slovenian duo, Katarina Juvancic and Dejan Lapanja, which takes its inspiration from folklore and legends

Andrew Combs

All These Dreams
Melancholic and reflective second album from Nashville-based singer-songwriter Andrew Combs, upon which his mature lyricism hides his surprising youth

Earth Experiment

People It's Time to Change
Flawed but ultimately impressive debut EP from 70's psychedelic-influenced collective, Earth Experiment

Sarah Borges

Radio Sweetheart
Gorgeously packaged but unfocused fourth album from Boston-based singer-songwriter, Sarah Borges

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