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Earth Experiment - People It's Time to Change

  by Owen Peters

published: 18 / 11 / 2014

Earth Experiment - People It's Time to Change
Label: Phonogreen Music
Format: CDS


Flawed but ultimately impressive debut EP from 70's psychedelic-influenced collective, Earth Experiment

This four track is the debut release from Earth Experiment The format is a brave selection by Sean O’Mahony who brought this idea/concept together. It’s clear on a first play this band of musicians are fine bunch who know how to handle their musical weaponry. So, when I read from their PR…”it’s an idea of bringing together like minded and talented musicians” I buy it. Why? Because this is selective labour of love. It’s not going to be for everyone's palate. Some will dismiss it, some will love it, but I would urge you not to ignore it. As soon as the soon as the title track opens up with a Hammond driven riff, and funky electric guitar solo, we know a whiff of 70’s psychedelia is on offer. Confirmation of period and intent is cemented with a wispy flute accompaniment half way through the track. 'Astral Holiday'” continues with flute and guitar solo taking us along “the astral plain”. When was the last time you heard a Wurlitzer electric piano? Well, here you are, played with great dexterity by Tom Domagala. 'Live for Today' is a messy arrangement. Solo ramblings on guitar, sax, piano all get thrown into the mix. Collectively it doesn’t offer a discernible structure. Last up is an acoustic track 'Sunset Song', with sea waves, calypso guitar, amd an easy gentle vibe, which is simple and effective and again highlights Earth Experiment's varied range of musical taste and talent. Throughout the EP are smatterings of Pink Floyd, Wishbone Ash, Traffic but it still comes across as an individualist body of work. New year gigs are in the pipeline, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them on the festival circuit.

Track Listing:-
1 People It's Time to Change
2 Astral Holiday
3 Live for Today
4 Sunset Song

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