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Owen Peters - Profiles


Miscellaneous - A Memoir

When he discovers an old cassette recorder in his attic, Owen Peters is met by a flood of memories of his teenage years listening and taping DJ Johnnie Walker's 70's lunchtime show and his argumentative parents

India Preston

India Preston - Interview

Owen Peters heads to Cornwall to walk it's coastline, but gets delayed in Falmouth when he comes across the artistic, youthful talents of India Preston

Eileen Schaer

Eileen Schaer - Interview

Liverpool-born and now Isle of Man-based painter Eileen Schaer chats to Owen Peters about her unusual paintings, her eclectic favourite musical acts and the influence of them on her art

Ian Mitchell

Ian Mitchell - Interview

Oxford music luminary Ian Mitchell has decided to set up a new kind of record label, All Will Be Well Records. Owen Peters meets him to find out all about it.

Upstart Crow Festival

Upstart Crow Festival - Profile

Owen Peters profiles the Upstart Crow Festival, a free singer-songwriter's festival which now in its second year will take place at Spitalfields Market and this year will include on its bill John Murry, Michele Stodart, Pete Greenwood, Felix Indiana and Brooke Sharkey


Miscellaneous - Profile

Live musical scores to silent films are maybe a new experience to Owen Peters, but he soon finds out via various interviews around the subject that it is an expanding concept

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse - Film-Amy

A trip to the cinema has Owen Peters confused and frustrated as he watches 'Amy', the film/documentary on the turbulent life of Amy Winehouse


Miscellaneous - Profile

Owen Peters profiles our new series 'Is This Your Year?', in which we will be following the fortunes of five different acts over the course of a year


Miscellaneous - Sky Art Sessions

Owen Peters looks at new TV programme 'Sky Art Sessions', which profiles new and up-and-coming bands

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