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Owen Peters - Interviews

Al Joshua

Al Joshua - Interview

London based singer songwriter Al Joshua, formerly of Orphans and Vandals, chats to Owen Peters about keeping creative during lockdown and his plans post-Pandemic.

Al Joshua

Al Joshua - Interview

After seeing him perform at Ronnie Scott’s, Owen Peters speaks to singer-songwriter Al Joshua about reaction towards his remarkable debut solo album ‘Out of the Blue’, his plans for his next album and the vinyl reissue of ‘I Am Alive and You Are Dead’, his previous band Orphan and Vandals’ only LP.

Ags Connolly

Ags Connolly - Interview

Owen Peters soon finds to hear real traditional country music travelling to Nashville isn't necessary. He finds the talented singer songwriter Ags Connolly not far from home in West Oxfordshire!

Al Joshua

Al Joshua - Interview

Owen Peters meets hard-to-categorise singer-songwriter Al Joshua to talk about Joshua's remarkable solo debut 'Out of the Blue'.

Vic Allen

Vic Allen - Interview

On his way to a gig in Norwich, Owen Peters chances upon a talented busker. Vic Allen tells us more about what she's up to and how she got here


Jooles - Interview

Owen Peters catches up with Vintage Pop aficionados The Jooles on the Isle of Wight and gains insight into their mission to make people dance...


Ravellas - Interview

Owen Peters chats to Mac, the front man with Wigan indie rock band the Ravellas, about his band's influences and music and how their latest single 'The Thunder' was chosen by Wigan Athletic as part of their Player of The Year celebrations


Kanadia - Interview

Owen Peters talks to James Bettis, the vocalist and guitarist in new Oxfordshire alternative rock band Kanadia, about their recent self-titled EP and forthcoming debut album

Megan Henwood

Megan Henwood - Interview

Owen Peters comes across Oxfordshire-based singer-songwriter Megan Henwood by chance. Delving into her music in more detail, he is left wondering is she is 'a secret' about to be discovered?

Nive and the Deer Children

Nive and the Deer Children - Interview

It's been six years since Nive Nielsen's first album, but her second, 'Feet First' has been worth the wait. Nielsen speaks to Owen Peters about her native Greenland, travelling, her unorthodox route into the music business and overcoming stage fright

Gretchen Peters

Gretchen Peters - Interview

Owen Peters talks to the critically acclaimed Gretchen Peters about her lengthy musical career and her new double CD compilation album, 'The Essential Gretchen Peters'

London Klezmer Quartet

London Klezmer Quartet - Interview

Owen Peters speaks to violinist Ilana Cravitz from the London Klezmer Quartet about their Eastern European influences and musical background and its history

Little Red

Little Red - Interview

Owen Peters talks to Ian Mitchell from Oxford-based alt-folk trio Little Red about his band's three EPs to date and his label All Will Be Well Records

Lauren Hoffman

Lauren Hoffman - Interview

Owen Peters talks with singer-songwriter Lauren Hoffman from her home in Virginia about her new band,the Secret Storm, with which she has returned after being in self-imposed exile for six years

String Project

String Project - Interview

Owen Peters attends a String Project gig in Oxford, interviews the band's founder Ben Mowat and wonders where 2016 will take this multi-talented musician

Rhiannon Mair

Rhiannon Mair - Interview

Owen Peters talks with rising singer-songwriter Rhiannon Mair about her forthcoming new EP before watching her play an entertaining gig in Henley-on-Thames

Blang Records

Blang Records - Interview with Joe Murphy and Jules Dakin

Owen Peters talks to Joe Murphy and Jules Dakin, the co-owners of London-based indie label Blang Records, about its recent tenth anniversary and 'Lucky Dip', a new celebratory compilation album which features acts from throughout its history

Show Of Hands

Show Of Hands - Interview

Owen Peters travels to Aylesbury's Waterside Theatre to meet up with Stephen Knightley of folk act Show of Hands, little knowing quite how huge their audience are...

Reluctant Arrow

Reluctant Arrow - Interview

Owen Peters speaks to to vocalist Claire LeMaster from new blues/rock Oxford band A Reluctant Arrow who have just released their second EP

Lillian Henley

Lillian Henley - Interview

Owen Peters speaks to Lillian Henley, the composer of the soundtrack to a new documentary 'Make More Noise!', which compiles together silent film from the suffragette era

Pink Diamond Revue

Pink Diamond Revue - Interview

Owen Peters talks to Tim Lane from heavy touring Reading-based electro-punk duo the Pink Diamond Revue about their stage shows which involves them projecting images from B-Movies and their forthcoming 12 inch vinyl debut single

Brooke Sharkey

Brooke Sharkey - Interview

Owen Peters talks with the nomadic and multi talented singer songwriter Brooke Sharkey as she prepares for her appearance at London's Upstart Crow Festival in late September

Laura Rossi

Laura Rossi - Interview

Owen Peters continues to explore modern soundtrack music for silent films by talking to composer, Laura Rossi

Felix Indiana

Felix Indiana - Interview

London-based singer-songwriter Felix Indiana shares his love of poetry with Owen Peters and how he plans to develop his career now university studies are finished

Jo Bartlett

Jo Bartlett - Interview

In 'Is This Your Year?' we will be following across the course of the year the fortunes of various indie acts and bands. In this latest interview with Reading-based singer-songwriter Jo Bartlett, Owen Peters finds her having formed a new band Kodiak Island and preparing for a new album

Louise Petit

Louise Petit - Interview

Louise Petit explains to Owen Peters her debut album 'Louder Than Your Drum' and explores the demons, direction and decisions that had to be confronted in its making.

Budapest Cafe Orchestra

Budapest Cafe Orchestra - Interview

Owen Peters finds the Budapest Cafe Orchestra a very entertaining quartet in Inverness, then plays verbal tennis with their front man, world class violinist Chris Garrick

Tom Muir

Tom Muir - Interview

A long way from home in Orkney Owen Peters matches a voice he seems to recognize to that of a man, acclaimed local musician and historian Tom Muir, that he has never met

Minnie Birch

Minnie Birch - Interview

Owen Peters talks to young singer-songwriter Minnie Birch about her debut album ‘Floundering’, which takes much of its inspiration from gruesome fairy tales


Miscellaneous - Interview

Laura Moody talks to Owen Peters on her work ethic as a cellist, singer and lyricist, her new album 'Acrobats' and why she wants men to open up on mental health issues

Barna Howard

Barna Howard - interview

Owen Peters catches up with a somewhat tentative Barna Howard as he showcases his new album 'Quite a Feelin' on a rainy evening at the Servant Jazz Quarters in London.

Lorraine Wood

Lorraine Wood - Interview

Lorraine Wood tells Owens Peters this may be the time to make career changes. He finds out during a frank and honest interview why the changes won't be easy.

Field Music

Field Music - Interview

Owen Peters goes to the cinema in Belfast, watching 1929 silent film 'Drifters' in order to track down Mercury Award nominated-band Field Music

Tom Bridgewater

Tom Bridgewater - Interview

Owen Peters talks to Tom Bridgewater, the owner of Europe’s leading Americana label Loose Music, about his label’s lengthy history

Mike Grogan

Mike Grogan - Interview

With the success of Mike Grogan's recent album 'Make Me Strong', Owen Peters discusses his plans to tour and why history is important

Sara Lowes

Sara Lowes - Interview

Manchester singer-songwriter Sara Lowes' new album 'Joy of Waiting' is one of the many projects filling her hectic schedule at present. Owen Peters chats with Sara to find out her plans, hopes and direction throughout the summer

Gren Bartley

Gren Bartley - Interview

Gren Bartley takes time out with Owen Peters before going on stage to chat about his plans on his musical direction and performing at larger venues

Carrivick Sisters

Carrivick Sisters - Interview

At a gig in Buckinghamshire Owen Peters talks to much acclaimed folk duo and multi-instrumentalists the Carrivick Sisters about why they are continuing to self-release their material and their plans for the future

Robert Chaney

Robert Chaney - Interview

Florida born but now London based singer-songwriter Robert Chaney talks to Owen Peters about the inspirations for his debut album ‘Cracked Picture Frames’ which tells of hit and run accidents, insanity and domestic violence

Vikesh Kapoor

Vikesh Kapoor - Interview

Owen Peters talks to Oregon-based singer-songwriter Vikesh Kapoor about his Indian heritage and his debut album and concept record, ‘The Ballad of Willy Robbins’

Marlene Verplanek

Marlene Verplanek - Interview

Owen Peters speaks to 81 year old American jazz singer Marlene VerPlanck during a British tour about her extraordinary career


Rumer - Interview

Owen Peters talks to much acclaimed singer-songwriter Rumer about her forthcoming UK/European tour and recently released third album, 'Into the Colour'

Miriam Jones

Miriam Jones - Interview

Vancouver-born and now Oxford-based singer-songwriter Miriam Jones talks to Owen Peters about her reflective sixth album, 'Between Green and Gone'

Marianne Faithfull

Marianne Faithfull - Interview

Texan singer-songwriter Andrew Combs talks to Owen Peters at a show at the Union Chapel in London about his mournful new album, 'All These Dreams'

Jools Holland

Jools Holland - Interview

In this 1990 archive interview Nick Dent-Robinson speaks to Jools Holland about his love of cars

Ryker Sear

Ryker Sear - Interview

Owen Peters speaks to promising Milton Keynes-formed indie pop two-piece, Ryker Sear

Jo Bartlett

Jo Bartlett - Interview

In the first of our new series 'Is This Your Year?', in which we will be following the fortunes of five different acts over the course of a year,we speak to Reading-based singer-songwriter Jo Bartlett,who has just released a new solo album '9 by 7'

Jo Bartlett

Jo Bartlett - Interview

Owen Peters chats to acclaimed Reading-based singer-songwriter and folk/electronic artist Jo Bartlett about '9 by 7', her first album in four years which she has entirely self-financed

Slow Club

Slow Club - Interview

Owen Peters speaks to Charles Watson from harmonic pop duo Slow Club about their much acclaimed third album, 'Complete Surrender' and their rapidly expanding audience

Laurel Canyons

Laurel Canyons - Interview

Owen Peters talks to rising Sheffield band Laurel Canyons at a gig at The Lexington in London about touring and their versatile new EP, 'Now We're Re-Building'

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