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Sarah Borges - Radio Sweetheart

  by Owen Peters

published: 18 / 11 / 2014

Sarah Borges - Radio Sweetheart
Label: Lonesome Day Records
Format: CD


Gorgeously packaged but unfocused fourth album from Boston-based singer-songwriter, Sarah Borges

Don’t judge a book by its cover runs the old adage. That's a pity, as the CD art work, layout, design and lyrics (hooray) booklet are excellent on Sarah Borges' fourth studio album, 'Radio Sweetheart'. The structure of its ten song playlist is, however, all over the place. Is it rock, is it country, is it blues,is it pop for the radio? Surely, the artist, producer and record label must know this album's format is a missed opportunity. Opening track, 'Girl with a Bow' is heavy on rock, with a riff which can be heard on a hundred other songs. If only more of the album could be centred around 'Mind on Me'. At least it has a structure. A lovely-sounding guitar lead and harmonica hook match well with the concise lyrics -“You don’t see me walk away, but I know you will some day.” 'The Waiting and the Worry' is the other one with merit. It has a driving, pulsing beat throughout, slick production and again a story line we can relate to. There are, however, far too many weak tracks on this CD, the title song being a prime example. Lyrics are rambling, which is strange because when it comes together, such as on 'The Waiting and the Worry', it’s well worth a listen. If the construction and format of this CD is to satisfy an existing US fans base, that is probably a commercial decision. Unfortunately I don’t see any new converts being won over in the UK with this offering. Back to the drawing board I would suggest for Sarah and her team. In the meantime, play it loud, as that will hide a multitude of sins. The last line of the last song is “Put the record on repeat," not an instruction I will be following.

Track Listing:-
1 Girl With a Bow
2 Radio Sweetheart
3 Big Bright Sun
4 Think of What You've Done
5 Mind On Me
6 Hands and Knees
7 The Waiting and the Worry
8 Start Again
9 Heavy Dreams
10 Record On Repeat

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