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The Demise of R.E.M. (2011)

REM - The Demise of R.E.M.

Several Pennyblackmusic writers provide their reaction to R.E.M.'s recent decision to break up after 31 years together

Live from Austin, Texas (2010)

REM - Live from Austin, Texas

Anthony Strutt examines R.E.M's new seventeen song DVD, which comes from American TV show, 'Austin City Limits', and was filmed at the time of their 2008 album 'Accelerate'


Royal Albert Hall and iTUnes, London, 24/3/2008 and 26/3/2008

REM - Royal Albert Hall and iTUnes, London, 24/3/2008 and 26/3/2008

At two showcase gigs to promote their new album 'Accelerate', one at the Royal Albert Hall, the other a tiny show at the iTunes Store, Anthony Strutt watches two very different, but almost equally powerful performances

Hammersmith Odeon, London, 19/2/2005

REM - Hammersmith Odeon, London, 19/2/2005

Despite having the worst seats in the house, and being stuck at the very back of the venue, Anthony Strutt still manages to enjoy REM's performance at a recent gig in London at the Hammersmith Apollo

Make Trade Fair Oxfam, Hammersmith Apollo, 20/9/20

REM - Make Trade Fair Oxfam, Hammersmith Apollo, 20/9/20

At a a benefit gig for Oxfam, Anthony Strutt watches variable sets from REM, the Thrills, Minnie Driver, Jamelia and Razorlight

Carling Academy, London, 24/6/2003 (1st Night)

REM - Carling  Academy, London, 24/6/2003 (1st Night)

R.E.M. recently played two of their smallest shows in years at the 4500 capacity London Carling Academy. Long term fan Anthony Strutt watches them on the first night play an eclectic Greatest Hits show...

Carling Academy, London, 25/6/2003 (2nd Night)

REM - Carling Academy, London, 25/6/2003 (2nd Night)

...while the second night, in which they play a largely different set, finds him similarly hot but happy


Fables of the Reconstruction (2010)

REM - Fables of the Reconstruction

Anthony Strutt examines R.E.M.'s 1985 third album, 'Fables of the Reconstruction', which is the latest of their albums to be remastered

Automatic for the People (2010)

REM - Automatic for the People

In our 'Re: View' series, in which our writers look back at albums from the past, Carl Bookstein examines R.E.M's iconic 1992 album, 'Automatic for the People'


Hollow Man (2008)

Familiar-sounding, but excellent latest single from REM, the second from their new 'Accelerate' album

Accelerate (2008)

Fantastic latest album from REM,which finds them returning to their 80's and classic Rickenbackers-influenced sound

Supernatural Superserious (2008)

First class new single from REM, the first from their forthcoming album, 'Accelerate'

And I Feel Fine.....The Best Of The IRS Years 82-87 Collector's Edition (2006)

Compilation album from REM, hand picked by the band, of their music from 1982 to 1987 and which comes in both a single and double edition CD

Around The Sun (2004)

Strong latest album from REM, their third as a three piece since the departure of original drummer Bill Berry

Bad Day (2003)

Mildly disppointing new single from REM, taken from their hits singles album, 'In Time'

In Time ; The Best Of Rem 1988-2003 (2003)

New "mix and match" Greatest Hits compilation from REM. which is available both in a single edition and also as a limited edition double disc

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