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Pocket Gods


Interview (2012)

Pocket Gods - Interview

Jamie Rowland chats to Mark Christopher Lee from irreverent St Albans-based indii pop band the Pocket Gods about his group's recent Grammy nomination and new book, ‘Weird – The Life and Times of a Pocket God’


Weird (2019)

Pocket Gods - Weird

Dave Goodwin finds 'Weird: The Life and Times of a Pocket God' to be an indie-rock documentary which has a lot going on below the surface as it reflects on front man Mark Lee's battle with depression.


Weird Shit (2012)

Amiable, yet umambitious compilation album from St Albans-based group, the Pocket Gods

Songs of the Holy Grail and the End of The World (2010)

Entertaining and often melodic lo-fi pop on fourth album from St Albans-based humorists, the Pocket Gods

Plan Nub Behind the Fridge (2010)

Rough-edged, but charming indie pop on third album from sci-fi obsessed Peel-endorsed band, the Pocket Gods

Lo-Fi Sci-Fi (2008)

Enjoyable, witty latest album from musical satirists the Pocket Gods, who merging a lo-fi sound with a fascination with all things sci-fi, sound like a less gloomy Sebadoh

Sandrington Sputs (2007)

Derivative and smutty, but thoroughly enjoyable garage rock from London-based group the Pocket Gods



Mark Lee
Interview Mark Lee - Interview

Pocket Gods frontman and now film maker Mark Lee speaks to Fiona Hutchings about what matters to him. From severe mental health difficulties to the tyranny of Spotify, he doesn't hold back.

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