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Monotreme Records


Fops (2011)

For Centuries
Unorthodox lo-fi electronica on latest EP from San Francisco duo Fops , which is being released digitally and also on limited edition cassette

Harmonious Bec (2010)

Her Strange Dreams
Ramshackle, but unique and original-sounding electronica on lo-fi debut album from Japanese duo, Harmonious Bec

Jeniferever (2009)

Spring Tides
Brooding post-rock on accomplished second album from Cure-influenced Swedish group, Jeniferever

Jeniferever (2011)

Intense, but compelling third full-length album from Swedish post rock group, Jeniferever

Khompa (2016)

The Shape of Drums to Come
Italian musician Davide Compagnoni’s first solo effort as Khompa proves to be a Big Beat fusion of punk and progressive

Midas Fall (2015)

The Menagerie Inside
Third and latest album from Scottish outfit Midas Fall, which has silver-toned touch

Nedry (2012)

In a Dim Light
Nocturnal, but yet unimaginative second album from electronic/dub three-piece, Nedry

Niagara (2013)

Appealing combination of pop, electronic and pysychedelica on debut album from eclectic Italian duo, Niagara

Niagara (2014)

Don't Take It Personally
Flawed but courageous and often mesmerizing debut album from Turin-based electronic act Niagara, which includes much acclaimed experimental musician Davide Tomat in its line-up

Polinski (2011)

Fabulous debut album from Polinski, the solo project of 65daysofstatic's Paul Wolinski, which merges its twin influences of science fiction and vintage 1980's electronica to first-rate effect

Reigns (2009)

The House on the Causeway
Potentially magical pastoral post rock on third album from West country band Reigns, the project of brothers Tim and Roo Farthing, slightly marred by their decision to use spoken word on some of the tracks

Sleepmakeswaves (2013)

...And So We Destroyed Everything
Epic and cinematic post rock on imaginative debut album from Sydney-based instrumental group, Sleepmakeswaves

Sleepmakeswaves (2014)

In Today Already Walks Tomorrow
Atmospheric and evocative mini-album from Australian instrumentalists, Sleepmakeswaves

Sorrow (2013)

Pleasant but unremarkable debut album from British producer and electronic artist, Sorrow

Stinking Lizaveta (2009)

Sacrifice and Bliss
Blistering entirely instrumental metal on sixth album from prog-influenced Philadephia-based trio, Sinking Lizaveta

Stumbleine (2012)

Instantly forgettable electronica on debut album from Bristol-based producer/musician, Stumbleine

This Will Destroy You (2011)

Tunnel Blanket
Mind changing and totally captivating second album from ambient instrumental rockers, This Will Destroy You

Tomat (2012)

01-06 June
Flawed, but appealing folk electronica on debut album from Tomat, the project of Torino-based musician and composer, Davide Tomat

Various (2012)

From Monotreme Records With Love
Fabulous compilation celebrating their ten years in the music business from London-based indepedent label, Monotreme Records

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