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Tomat - 01-06 June

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 27 / 6 / 2012

Tomat - 01-06 June
Label: Monotreme Records
Format: CD


Flawed, but appealing folk electronica on debut album from Tomat, the project of Torino-based musician and composer, Davide Tomat

The electronic breaks music on this album by Italian musician Davide Tomat has a tingly 'melodytronica' sounds. The systematic approach by this Torino craftsman results in an album of disparate try-outs which works quite well.Ploughing forwards into the sounds of Summer, these recordings are like the soundtrack to 'Springwatch' with lots of growth and blooming in the electronic sounds. The calm persistence in Tomat's electronic composing comes to a clownesque change on 'Montgolfier', which has an electronic vaudeville shuffle. The presumed red thread on this album might appear far-fetched, connecting the dates of events and inventions which apparently took place in history in the first week of June. Yet in essence this document of time portrays the state of composing electronic music bare-handed. With plenty of moments to catch and to cherish, Tomat's debut feels like it is gardening fresh ground.

Track Listing:-
1 CE-2
2 Radio
3 Donaticomet
4 Soyuz
5 Jupiterasteroid
6 Montgolfier
7 Lovelyplace
8 Venus
9 1984
10 Soyuz11
11 Titan

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