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Gringo Records


Bilge Pump (2003)

Let Me Breathe
Mediocre Slint and Fall-influenced debut album from new Leeds trio, Bilge Trio, who prove unable "to break out of the rut plowed by their predecessors"

Clambake (2004)

Gator In The Pool
Primal and ramshackle blues-influenced rock from British guitar-and-drums duo, Clambake

Grey Hairs (2015)

Colossal Downer
Impressive early Grunge-influenced debut album from Nottingham-based band, Grey Hairs

Hirameka Hi Fi (2002)

Promising, but flawed debut album from "Leeds answer to Fugazi", Hirameka Hi Fi

I Am Spartacus (2002)

Mogwai-endorsed "post rock of the highest order", never originally intended for commercial release, from mysterious Nottingham-based six piece

I'm Being Good (2011)

Mountain Language
Formulaic first album in six years of over-discordant Sonic Youth-influenced from Brighton-based trio, I'm Being Good

Kill Yourself (2004)

Soft Touch Of Man
Abrasive, harsh-on-the-ear EP from new Leeds act, Clambake, who have both a Captain Beefheart and a Fall influence

Soeza (2008)

7 Obstacles
Eclectic, but not entirely successful post-hardcore punk on third album from Bristol-based collective, Soeza

Souvaris (2011)

Souvaris Souvaris
Intelligent and confident third album from Nottingham-based experimental and instrumental group, Souvaris

Souvaris/Sincabeza (2010)

Clown Jazz
Essential maths rock on instrumental vinyl and digital only split EP between Nottingham group Souvaris and Bordeaux band Sincabeza

That Fucking Tank (2009)

Experimental, but catchy latest album from lunatic Leeds instrumental duo, That F**king Tank, who merge together leftfield post punk/grunge sounds and disco beats to powerful effect

That Fucking Tank (2012)

Fantastic third album from Bradford-based noise rock two-piece, That Fucking Tank

Wolves (2004)

Wolves! (Of Greece)
Impressive thrash rock, released on gimmicky one sided 10" vinyl, from the oddly-named Wolves (Of Greece), the latest signings to experimental punk label, Gringo



Gringo Records
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