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I Am Spartacus - Forward!

  by Benjamin Howarth

published: 9 / 7 / 2002

I Am Spartacus - Forward!
Label: Gringo Records
Format: CD


Mogwai-endorsed "post rock of the highest order", never originally intended for commercial release, from mysterious Nottingham-based six piece

The music contained on this CD was never intended for commercial release.Instead a collective of six musicians united in Nottingham simply to record some music. It has taken three years for that music to be released, although bootlegs have been doing the rounds for all that time, leading to a good deal of interest and speculation forming around the group. Stuart Braithwaite from Mogwai was one person in possession of a tape, and one can certainly hear a similarity to Mogwai in the music. Since the recording of 'Forward!' , I am Spartacus have played two concerts of entirely new material . A bootleg of the second of these can be found by skipping back on the CD. To be honest it is understandable why this music has been seen fit for release, since it represents post-rock of the highest order. It is a shame, however, that it has taken so long since the music contained sounds a little out of date within a genre of music that is forever reaching forward. If you can remember the excitement of hearing Godspeed You Black Emperor for the first time, then you should be able to imagine what this is like. It is not as wide reaching as Godspeed’s, but does feature a similar drawn out style, and has the rare capacity to genuinely surprise the listener. Thankfully, it does not fall into the trap of aimless doodling and stays focused for most of the record. Even when they do drift, they seem to rescue the track at a later point, and no track is worth skipping. Its weaknesses perhaps are that it is for much of the record it is a bit too one paced , and also that for an experimental record it seems a little too similar to other bands. Even when it was recorded it probably wouldn’t have sounded like t was treading new ground. Ultimately, though, there is no denying its beauty and natural flow This is music to listen to and enjoy. When I listen to it, I am able to forget the imperfections and to simply luxuriate in the gorgeous sounds produced. For any post rock fans then, this is an absolute must.

Track Listing:-
1 A Dream Woke Me
2 This Bear Just Keeps On Drinking
3 Colour Deficiency In British Birds
4 One Train
5 Song Of The Allied Armies
6 First See The Light Of Day
7 The Black Sea Sun Is Shining
8 Colour Brilliancy In Foreign Birds
9 Under The Pavement The Beach
10 Forward

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