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Souvaris/Sincabeza - Clown Jazz

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 21 / 2 / 2010

Souvaris/Sincabeza - Clown Jazz
Label: Gringo Records
Format: 12"


Essential maths rock on instrumental vinyl and digital only split EP between Nottingham group Souvaris and Bordeaux band Sincabeza

Great words to aptly describe what these bands make, clown jazz. Nottingham's Souvaris are a band that have been going for almost ten years now, but this is the first of their music that I have heard. Souvaris' fluent math rock vibes captured my attention from the first instance. Souvaris's second track on 'Clown Jazz', 'Hello, Anteloppe', particularly deals in smart fun, and pulling strings left, right and centre. Bordeaux's Sincabeza is the more clownesque of the two bands on offer on this split vinyl only instrumental album. Their rumbling 'Facile à Compter' (easy to count) doesn't get beyond the number 'un' since it too finds a fun rut to roll around in. 'Malalido' is the name of a festival in Verona, Italy and on record has a very live and direct excursion; kind of where grunge and art rock meet. This is a must have for any math rock head and is available separately as digital files which I find treason to the cause of vinyl to be honest. So, down the record store you go and get the LP.

Track Listing:-
1 Souvaris- Great Scott
2 Souvaris- Hello, Antelope
3 Sincabeza- Bacalacola
4 Sincabeza- Facile À Compter
5 Sincabeza- Malalido

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