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Bilge Pump - Let Me Breathe

  by Andrew Carver

published: 28 / 9 / 2003

Bilge Pump - Let Me Breathe
Label: Gringo Records
Format: CD


Mediocre Slint and Fall-influenced debut album from new Leeds trio, Bilge Trio, who prove unable "to break out of the rut plowed by their predecessors"

Judging from the scrawl on the inside of the CD insert, Bilge Pump is a trio; the music in the 17 tracks of 'Let Me Breathe' sits somewhere between Slint and the Fall, with a peppering of Cop Shoot Cop and a host of atonality loving rhythmic post-punk bands.  The lead singer comes from the sing-speak school of vocalists, the riffs repeat themselves just a few times to often, the rhythm section capable, the production is workmanlike ... a general air of okayness hangs around a band who are obviously trying hard to break out of the rut plowed by their predecessors. With less repetition and a greater variety in their musical approach they might make it, but on 'Let Me Breathe' it’s still an idea in vain search of an outlet.

Track Listing:-
1 Up The Nest
2 These's No Rules To Love
3 The Lustral Mug
4 Bastard Scaffolder
5 Sling Yr Hook
6 Observe My Crazy Arms
7 Timothy Moyler
8 5ft Freebird
9 The Streets Are Full
10 Fags Of Spain
11 Fire Works
12 Dour Hog Wax
13 Malcom
14 I've Got Questions For You
15 Dullard And Buffoon
16 Budda
17 You Make Me Feel

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