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Laughing Outlaw


Barb Waters (2004)

Rosa Duet
Outstanding collection of duets on the ever reliable Laughing Outlaw label which finds Australian-based singer-songwriter Barb Waters working with some of the cream of Melbourne's musical talent

Bek-Jean Stewart (2007)

Junior Years
Glorious-sounding solo debut CD from talented Sydney-based singer-songwriter Bek-Jean Stewart, the latest signing to the Laughing Outlaw label, which draws comparisions with the last few albums of Lucinda Williams

Bluebottle Kiss (2003)

Revenge Is Slow
Genreless, and totally unique and original guitar rock from Australian four piece. Bluebottle Kiss

Cheshire Kim (2002)

Rocking Horse To Mar
"Relaxed" country offering laced with shots of blues from Kim Cheshire, former lead singer with Golden Guitar-winning band, The Wheel

Cornet Blue (2002)

Cornet Blue
Classic power pop release from 1999 from Australian duo, Coronet Duo, which produced by the much acclaimed Mitch Easter, has now been re-released with 5 extra tracks

Coronet Blue (2007)

Welcome to the Arms of Forever
Long overdue second album from power pop supergroup Coronet Blue which, fronted by singer John Rooney, also features appearances from producer and guitarist Mitch Easter, the Faces' Ian McLagen and Free and Bad Company drummer Simon Kirke

D Henry Fenton (2002)

Autumn Sweet
"Way above average collection of irresistibly catchy pop / rock songs" on the consistently excellent Laughing Oulaw label from Sydney based singer songwriter

David Mccormack And The Polaroids (2005)

The Truth About Love
Heartbreaking, but melodic and ultimately second album from Australian singer-songwriter David McCormack with his band the Polaroids

Dunn Robyne (2003)

Live At The Basement
Jazz-influenced, accomplished live release from Australian singer-songwriter Robyn Dunn, recorded over three evenings in Melbourne's smoky basement bar

Farmer Jason (2007)

Rockin' in the Forest
Irrestible second album of children's songs under his Farmer Jason moniker, for former Jason and the Scorchers leader Jason Ringenberg, which will be enjoyed equally by adults

Fortress Madonna (2002)

100 Beacons
Difficult to categorise debut album from the mysterious Fortress Madonna, the first British signing to Australian power pop and alt. country specialistsl Laughing Outlaw.

Gina Villalobos (2005)

Rock 'n' Roll Pony
Luscious, rueful country rock on second album from latest Laughing Oulaw signing, Gina Villalobos

Halfway (2006)

Remember the River
Strong country rock on second album from Australian group Halfway, who take their inspiration from the likes Ryan Adams, Wilco, the Triffids and Drive By Truckers

Hazlewoods (2003)

Leavin' You For A Cowboy
First album from Sydney based five piece the Hazelwoods, which has "updated the country sounds of 50 years ago and made them fresh and exciting again"

Her Name In Lights (2005)

Into The Light Again
Stunning debut album from Her Name in Lights, the new project of former Even As We Speak frontwoman and Sarah Records signing Mary Wyer, surprisingly released on Australian power pop and country label, Laughing Oulaw

Hitchcocks Regret (2002)

Wistful, well-made debut album from Australian four-piece, "with an ear for a sharp melody and a gentle aura"

Hitchcock's Regret (2003)

Her Life In Reverse
Outstanding second recording from Australian band who have achieved the impossible of making an album "drenched in the psychedelic sounds of the Beatles, the Beach Boys and even Hendrix... but which still sounds contemporary"

House Of Circles (2002)

Swell 1
"Strong, well played and well produced set of songs" on debut release of occasional Austalian alternative rock trio

Jack Howard (2002)

Secrets And Lies
"Essential late night listening" from the jazz and blues influenced Jack Howard, the former vocalist and trumpet player with Australia’s Hunters and Collectors

Jack Nolan (2002)

Dreams Of Flying
"Classy album of classic pop songs" from genre-defying Sydney-based Australian solo artist, Jack Nolan

Jason Walker (2002)

Stranger To Someone
"Outstanding" mix of covers and originals by Australian alt. country star and former Golden Rough frontman, Jason Walker

Jason Walker And The Last Drinks (2003)

Ashes And Wine
Strong new album from acclaimed musician and author Jason Walker, who proves himself with this second solo offering to be a worthy potnetial successor to Ryan Adams

Jeff Williams And The Clear Spacemen (2002)

White Under Green
"Stunning" Australian release with strong Triffids influence, which comes from "the darker side of alt country"

Jenny Queen (2004)

Girls Who Cry Need Cake
Stunning debut album from musical newcomer, but veteran of the school of hard knocks Jenny Queen, who seems immediately destined to enter the first league of alt. country female singer-songwriters

John Kennedy (2002)

Inner West
Outstanding and eclectic 18 track compilation from long-serving Australian singer-songwriter, John Kennedy

Karl Broadie (2004)

Everybody's Gold
First-rate new six song EP from Australian-based singer-songwriter Karl Broadie, which follows on neatly from his debut album, ‘Nowhere Now Here’, which came out last year

Len Price 3 (2005)

Christian In The Desert
Excellent 60's influenced garage rock from new Medway-based group the Len Price 3 which recalls both the Kinks and the Small Faces

Len Price 3 (2005)

Chinese Burn
Debut album from much acclaimed Medway Delta trio The Len Price 3, which recorded in glorious mono, has a "gritty 60’s r’n’b sound infused with a punky attitude and passion"

Long Weekend (2003)

Feel The Way
First rate summery country pop/rock on debut from already much acclaimed Melbourne duo, Long Weekend

Macdonald James (2002)

Elevator Music For U
"Classic" second album from Australian singer-songwiter James MacDonald, who draws comparisions with both Burt Bacharach and Jimmy Webb

Marines (2011)

Be the Morning
Unpromising, yet surprisingly diverse debut album from Sydney-based band the Marines who could turn out to be a major force

Mark Lucas (2002)

Ghost Of Long Creek Road
"Intriguing mixture" of country, folk , blues and pop from former London based pub rocker and singer-songwriter who emigrated to Australia twenty years ago

Michael Carpenter (2002)

Up Close
"Classic " power pop release from under-rated Australian multi-instrumentalist Michael Carpenter that compiles together tracks from his previous two albums, Hopefulness' and 'Baby' , but which also features several new songs

Michael Carpenter (2004)

Rolling Ball
Summery new album from workaholic Australian power pop musician and producer Michael Carpenter, which "will keep the sun shining and the spirits up through the long winter months ahead"

Mikelangelo and the Tin Star (2011)

The Surf 'n' Western Sounds of...
Compelling debut album from Australian band Mikelangelo and the Tin Star, which combines together the influences of the Beach Boys and spaghetti western music

Mood Elevator (2003)

Long Hard Look
"Glorious" melodic power pop from Michiganduo Mood Elevator, back with their first new material since 1999, and one half of whom is acclaimed solo artist Brendan Benson

Mood Elevator (2003)

Married Alive
Excellent melodic pop from Michigan duo Mood Elevator, one half of whom is acclaimed power pop hero Brendan Benson

New Christs (2002)

We Got This
Eclectic, and unfortunately probable final offering from Australian "Stooges-influenced neo-psychedelic garage rock" group, the New Christs

Orange Humble Band (2002)

Humblin Across America
'Eclectic, but slightly over self conscious second offering from power pop super group, which includes in its line-up the Posies' Ken Stringfellow and Big Star's Jody Stephens

Orange Humble Band (2005)

Humblin' (Across America)
Reissue of classic debut album from power pop supergroup the Orange Humble Band', which includes in its line-up Ken Stringfellow, Big Star's Jody Stephens, producers Jamie Hoover and Mitch Easter and Coronet Blue's Antony Bautovich

Perry Keyes (2005)

Stunning both immensely powerful and compassionate Michael Carpenter-produced double CD and debut album from Sydney-based singer-songwriter and taxi driver Perry Keyes

Perry Keyes (2007)

The Last Ghost Train Home
Compelling second collection of tales of urban heartbreak and loss from Sydney-based taxi driver and singer-songwriter Perry Keyes, which proves to match up to 'Meter', his masterly 2005 debut album

Pubert Brown Fridge Occurence (2004)

Once And Future Thing
Debut "concept album of sorts" from remarkably-titled Australian group Pubert Brown Fridge Occurence, which proves to be "possibly the best take on 60’s pyschedelia we’ve heard in some years"

Redlands Palomino Co (2007)

Take Me Home
Outstanding second album from much acclaimed London-based Americana / alt-country outfit Redlands Palomino Co, who are the only British act signed to the Australian label Laughing Outlaw

Redlands Palomino Co (2007)

She is Yours
Extraordinarily good country rock on new EP from London-based Americana group, the Redlands Palomino Company, whose second album 'Take Me Home' came out earlier this year

Richards Lisa (2002)

Not Quite So Low
Diverse and "compelling" 18 track retrospective of Australian singer-songwriter now based in Texas, which covers "a wide range of styles from pop and folk to country with a touch of blues and rock thrown in"

Sam Shinazzi (2011)

When the Lights Come Up
Classic pop/rock on excellent fourth album from Sydney-based singer-songwriter Sam Shinazzi, who remains one of Australia's best kept secrets

Sam Shinazzi (2015)

Forever and For Now
Enthralling return from Australian Sam Shinazzi with his fifth album on the Laughing Outlaw label

Sam Shinazzi (2005)

Stories You Wouldn't Believe
Exceptional acoustic folk pop on third album from Sydney based singer songwriter Sam Shinazzi, who was also responsible for co-writing the bulk of Jenny Queen's classic ‘Girls Who Cry Need Cake’

Slick 57 (2002)

Ghost Of Bonnie Parker
Impressive merger of old school punk with old school country on third album of Dallas-based trio, Slick 57

Soap Star Joe (2004)

Tell Her On The Weekend
Quirky indie guitar rock on debut album from Australian three piece Soap Star Joe, who have recently sadly decided to break up

Sofa Mecca (2002)

Sofa Mecca
"More-British-than-Brit-Pop" and "delightfully mellow" debut release from Australian four piece, reminiscent in parts of both Oasis and Mercury Rev, which manages to be "comfortably familiar without sounding overly derivative."

Spike Priggen (2002)

The Very Thing That You Treasure
"Excellent" debut album in the power pop genre and with strong Byrds influence from New York based singer/songwriter Spike Priggen

Splurge (2002)

Heavy Weather
Enjoyable melodic pop on second album from Melbourne four piece, which is reminiscent of Oasis, but also more oddly Swedish popsters Roxette

Starky (2004)

Saturday Night, Sunday Morning
Impressive three song debut EP from young Australian four piece, Starky, who take authentic inspiration from 70's melodic punk

Tongues (2005)

Appealingly sleazy and uncompromising rock 'n' roll on delayed debut album from Sydney 5 piece Tongues, whose singer Cate Dahl sadly committed suicide in 2004

Wake Ups (2002)

Wanna Meet The Wake Ups
Energetic and enthusiastic debut album from new Australian group, which is reminiscent of the Jam, the Teenage Fanclub and Matthew Sweet


Interview (2002)

Miscellaneous - Interview

Laughing Outlaw is becoming rapidly one of Australia's premier independent labels. Malcolm Carter speaks to owner Stuart Coupe and finds that also a rock journalist, promoter and author,label owner is only one of his many mantles

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