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Redlands Palomino Co - She is Yours

  by Malcolm Carter

published: 25 / 10 / 2007

Redlands Palomino Co - She is Yours
Label: Laughing Outlaw
Format: CDS


Extraordinarily good country rock on new EP from London-based Americana group, the Redlands Palomino Company, whose second album 'Take Me Home' came out earlier this year

'She is Yours' is a four track EP with the title song taken from ‘Take Me Home’ the Redlands Palomino Company's second album which was released earlier this year. The other three songs are all new recordings put down in April of this year in Wales. While it is not an easy task to pick a single from that acclaimed second album, my choice would have been ‘Wasted On You’ but it changes from week to week. ‘She Is Yours’, however. is a classic example of what the Redlands Palomino Company are all about. Americana played as it should be, full of hooks, ringing electric guitars and impossible to sit still to and all played by a British band. Add to that the organ supplied by Ben Pringle and vocals by label mate Gina Villalobos and it’s an excellent introduction to the band. While it has been said many times that vocalist / guitarist Hannah Elton- Wall is an exceptional singer with a voice so suited to this brand of country/rock it makes you wonder if she was born to sing in this band it warrants being said again. The fact that this talented musician also wrote all four songs on this EP marks her out as one of the UK's most talented artists today. While it’s obvious that the lead song would sound great blasting out of radios everywhere the other three songs show a mellower Redlands Palomino Company. And they are more than just filler. Hannah takes lead vocals on all three songs and they cover a more conventional country rock sound. With steel guitar and fiddle weeping all over the songs it adds added poignancy not just to the songs but especially the vocals. “It’s 2am ,I’m drunk again, I could walk the streets in the search for sleep” sings Hannah on ‘Sleep Song’ over acoustic guitar before other instruments fill out the song; the longing in her voice is simply heartbreaking. The following song, ‘Postcards’, wouldn’t have sounded out of place on the last album, yet again Hannah has written a lovely melody and coupled it with lyrics that touch the heart and it is sung in that vulnerable but strangely knowing voice. For my money it is the strongest song on the EP and showcases everything that is exceptional about this band. They just can’t get any better. ‘Penny In A Goldmine’ is the last song and again with the opening lyrics Hannah paints the picture for the whole song, “Pour me a drink or two, maybe it will change my mood, I wanna be left alone with thoughts of you.” We’ve all been there and Hannah captures the moment perfectly. With the instruments weeping all over her vocals it’s another song that deserves to be heard more then it will be by being tucked away at the end of an EP. This band have an almost embarrassing amount of talented musicians and singers and with the song writing talents of both Hannah and her husband Alex they also have two of our best songwriters. It’s rare to find an EP with even two truly great songs on it; make no mistake this little shiny disc has four not just great but exceptional songs contained within. This band just goes from strength to strength. This is an extraordinarily good record.

Track Listing:-
1 She Is Yours
2 Sleep Song
3 Postcards
4 Penny In A Goldmine

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