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Sofa Mecca - Sofa Mecca

  by Cila Warncke

published: 5 / 6 / 2002

Sofa Mecca - Sofa Mecca
Label: Laughing Outlaw
Format: CD


"More-British-than-Brit-Pop" and "delightfully mellow" debut release from Australian four piece, reminiscent in parts of both Oasis and Mercury Rev, which manages to be "comfortably familiar without sounding overly derivative."

Since Oasis began their long, swift slide to mediocrity; since the Catchers split up; since Damon Albarn swapped 'This Is A Low' for 'Mali Music' fans of ambitiously moody British guitar pop have faced something of a dry spell. Riding to the rescue of everyone who hasn’t really loved a record since 1997, however, is an Australian foursome whose precocious debut album has a more-British-than-Brit-Pop sheen about it. Sofa Mecca may be from the wrong hemisphere for this sort of thing, but they have crafted a delightfully mellow, unforced record that manages to be comfortably familiar without sounding overly derivative. Opener 'Poster Of You' recalls the psychedelic leanings of early Oasis, crossed with the feedback laden blissed-out sound of Mercury Rev, while 'Dead Waitress' is darkly compelling in the manner of The Beautiful South at their tongue-in-cheek best. From gently ironic squealing guitar chords ('Asante') to wistful romanticism ('Saving Space') Sofa Mecca push all the right buttons, and cover all the bases to boot. A tremendously winning debut, and well worth exploring if 'Heathen Chemistry' leaves you cold.

Track Listing:-
1 Poster of You
2 Forest Fires
3 News to Me
4 Ashen
5 Dead Waitress
6 Last Man
7 Asanti
8 Jlsd
9 Sideshow
10 Saving Face
11 Intermission
12 In All Seriousness
13 Instigated It

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Visitor Comments:-
9 Posted By: Gene Clay, Manchester, England on 01 Jan 1900
A curly one this album. Not rock, not pop, not techno or country but a smooth blend of all, which sounds inpossible but somehow these lads have done it without sounding like a 'Best of' album. Hints of Mercury Rev, and even a touch of Swervedriver but with vocals that stray from Oasis to Bob Dylan and back again. Stand out track - Dead Waitress (interesting subject matter). Not something for the club but definitley something to put on in the wee hours for a bit of chillout time - especially some of the darker, ambient tracks. Well worth a few spins and them some.

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