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Miscellaneous - Lyrics

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published: 30 / 5 / 2015

Miscellaneous - Lyrics


Our Website of the Month is Lyrics, a website that is dedicated exclusively to music lyrics

Lyrics www.lyrics.net, a user-friendly and well researched website, is a great source for journalists, fans and publicists. An alphabetical tool bar allows the viewer to locate contemporary lyrics efficiently. The "real time" of individual tracks and each of the composers involved is also listed. A vivid press photo and description of the said artist or artist group, which includes chart success highlights within the last few years, ties it all together. One can also select "recent" or "random" data. The site has a refreshing, casual tone and easy-to-read text. Lists of personal pop artist favourites are listed as well as their staff's song lyric preferences. Their caption, "The Web's Largest Resource for Music and Lyrics", suggests an ambitious team. Although it is rife with information, it is not "set in stone." To that end, they allow readers to help "update the bio" of each artist listed. The 3D purple, black and white logo is attractive and alluring, and the content is well spaced and concise. A great deal of thought has gone into creating "www.lyrics.net" and it shines through.

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