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Miscellaneous - Record Store Day

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published: 12 / 4 / 2015

Miscellaneous - Record Store Day


Our Website of the Month for this month is the website for Record Store Day, which will take place this year on the 18th April

Record Store Day is an event that tends to split music fans. There are those who enjoy it, seeing it as an opportunity to meet other fans and to buy often limited edition vinyl which otherwise would not be available to them. Others see it as another dubious marketing ploy for promoting something which should be highlighted with a lot more regularity. We have some of those concerns as well at Pennyblackmusic, but overall like Record Store Day, seeing it in these times in which there is often a mindset that everything is available online to remind people of the allure of independent record shops, to celebrate them and to hopefully bring customers into them, even on a temporary basis. Now in its ninth year, Record Store Day will take place this year on Saturday 18th April. The Record Store Day website www.recordstoreday.co.uk provides a list of the over two hundred stores across the United Kingdom that will be taking part. It lists many of the events that will be taking place in record stores, and the exclusive products which will be on sale in them. There are also news pages, and information on a new chart reflecting sales throughout the day. For those who are hoping to be involved in Record Store Day this year, whether as fan, a musician or in running an event, its website makes compulsory reading.

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743 Posted By: Simon York, Nottingham on 15 Mar 2015
Hi, Just dropping you a note following this article to let you know that Nottingham's Luxury Stranger have been invited to play the Stoke Record Store Day event. Run by Stoke record shop, Rubber Soul Records, the show takes place from 7.30pm on Saturday 18th April at the Underground in Stoke. Also on the bill are Desperate Journalist, as well as two Stoke local bands to kick off the show. Hope you can get someone over to review the show - it'd be really good :) All the best and thanks for the magazine's continued support. SY (Luxury Stranger)

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