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Miscellaneous - Metro Lyrics

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published: 6 / 9 / 2014

Miscellaneous - Metro Lyrics


Our Website of the Month for this month is ‘MetroLyrics’, a site which focuses on lyrics

Our Website of the Month, ‘MetroLyrics’, is a website that features lyrics to over 100,000 songs from approximately 20,000 artists. First formed in Vancouver in 2002, ‘MetroLyrics’ has grown to become one of the biggest online music resources in the world. It has a Top 100 song lyrics column which is changed on a weekly basis, videos pages, liner notes to songs, handwritten lyrics from artists and regular news pages. It is updated on a daily basis. While inevitably much of its content is commercial and mainstream, ‘MetroLyrics’ also features hundreds of indie and alternative artists, and it is one of the most accessible music sites on the web.

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