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Baptiste - London Dublin Castle, 14/8/2002

  by Olga Sladeckova

published: 9 / 8 / 2002

Baptiste - London Dublin Castle, 14/8/2002


Olga Sladeckova enjoys a short support set of brooding, thoughtful rock from Pennyblackmusic favourites, Baptiste

It's the 14th August, a warm Wednesday evening and we are in London's Camden Town , looking for the Dublin Castle pub where Baptiste are playing support tonight. My friend and I pass the door and get our hands stamped with the words 'Paid'. Well, my friend's hand reads more as 'Raid', which worries me a little bit especially after I spot a girl standing near a bar dressed in a sort of nurse uniform, holding a bag with a sign that says 'Tank Girl'. We then sit down on a step by the door to listen to the first supporting band, 'Theory,'who are finishing off their set. The concert hall is quite small and almost empty. It is painted black and has 2 sets of lamps on the wall that look like they have been pulled off an old-fashioned train. The bar is lonely and the audience stands around the walls chatting. "We are called Baptiste." Wayne Gooderham, the lead vocalist and guitarist, says, introducing the band when its comes on to the stage at about 9:30 and the musicians start playing their first song, 'The Quiet Times'. As the title suggests, the song is quiet which allows Scott Brodie's bass guitar to stand out amidst its gentle rhythmic waves. The 'Tank Girl' seems to like it and swings gently along to the soft tune. That wipes out almost all my worries about any violence appearing tonight. The next song, 'A Worthy Grudge Is A Beautiful Thing', is much faster and brings more life into the bleakly dark hall. 'You Know Everything' is, however, calm again. No matter how much of a smart impression Wayne's jacket makes, he can no longer keep it on in the warm and airless room. He takes it off which the fans seem to welcome. Then the band continues with 'A New Career'. "Thank you for coming" says Wayne before the last song 'Kissing With Your Eyes Open'. With the guitars building up forcefully, the song brings the set to a refreshing,but powerful close. As we pass the door I notice the 'Tank Girl' is at the bar and in disbelief read the sign on her bag again. I was wrong! It doesn't say 'Tank' but 'Thank'. I guess the word sums up the way I feel about tonight's Baptiste gig. The photos that accompany this article were taken by Mrs Olga Sladeckova

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Baptiste - London Dublin Castle, 14/8/2002

Baptiste - London Dublin Castle, 14/8/2002

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