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Interview (2004)

Baptiste - Interview

After the collapse of their indie guitar band Baptiste last year, brothers Wayne and Marc Gooderham have formed a new band, Kelman. Wayne Gooderham talks to john Clarkson about his new starker change of direction

Interview (2002)

Baptiste - Interview

Brooding London group Baptiste are about to release their debut album 'Nothing Shines Like a Dying Heart'. Back for a second interview with Pennyblackmusic, frontman Wayne Gooderham chats to John Clarkson about its recording

Interview (2002)

Baptiste - Interview

'Les Enfants du Paradis' is one of the landmark films of French cinema.Filmed during the Nazis' Second World War occupation of France, and finally released in 1945, it is set in the theatres, drinking


Buffalo Bar, London, 1/6/2003

Baptiste - Buffalo Bar, London, 1/6/2003

Sunday evening is usually a tough evening for gigs but ex-Baptiste man Wayne Gooderham in his first solo performance still manages to make an impact in a short set at London's Buffalo Bar

The Final Gig, London Underworld, 19/3/2003

Baptiste - The Final Gig, London Underworld, 19/3/2003

Recent stars of the first Pennyblackmusic night, Baptiste have decided to call it a day and split up. Olga Sladeckova watches them perform their last ever gig at the London Underworld

London Arts Cafe, 1/11/2002

Baptiste - London Arts Cafe, 1/11/2002

In early November, Baptiste launched their debut album 'Nothing Shines Like A Dying Heart' at the London Art Cafe. Olga Sladeckova was there to watch them play one of the highlight gigs of their career

London Garage, 12/9/2002

Baptiste - London Garage, 12/9/2002

Olga Sladeckova describes a further set of driven thoughful rock from Pennyblackmusic favourites, Baptiste

London Dublin Castle, 14/8/2002

Baptiste - London Dublin Castle, 14/8/2002

Olga Sladeckova enjoys a short support set of brooding, thoughtful rock from Pennyblackmusic favourites, Baptiste

London Metro, 4/5/2002

Baptiste - London Metro, 4/5/2002

Baptiste are back after an enforced two month break in which their drummer, Marc Gooderham, recovered from breaking his wrist. Olga Sladeckova finds the London indie guitar rockers on impressive form at the Metro

London Water Rats,11th July 2001

Baptiste - London Water Rats,11th July 2001

Tonight's Baptiste show has been fated from the start. Originally booked to happen on the Friday in the same week as the West London quintet's striking new third single 'Kissing With Your Eyes Open' was released, it has been hastily rearranged to take pla


Baptiste (2008)

Baptiste - Baptiste

In our 'Soundtrack of Our Lives' column, in which our writers describe the personal impact of music upon them, John Clarkson writes about hearing in 2000 London-based indie band Baptiste's first two singles, 'A New Career in a New Town' and 'The Quiet Times'

Uptight Club (2002)

Baptiste - Uptight Club

One of the major issues that many independent bands have to consider and address is how best to raise the necessary capital to make their singles or albums. The bulk of indie groups, often even those on fairly well known labels, have to pay for studio a


Nothing Shines Like A Dying Heart (2002)

Long overdue, but totally 'enthralling' combination of Velvet Underground inspired melody and feedback on debut album by London five piece, Baptiste that proves to have been very much worth the wait

Kissing With Your Eyes Open (2001)

In a musical era in which the mediocre is too often accepted as adequate, and in which quantity frequently takes the place of quality, it is always refreshing to come across a band that is prepared to



Interview Kelman - Interview

In what is our fifth interview with him, John Clarkson speaks to former Baptiste front man Wayne Gooderham about the surprising tentative optimism of his current band Kelman's second album, 'I Felt My Sad Heart Soar'

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