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Baptiste - London Arts Cafe, 1/11/2002

  by Olga Sladeckova

published: 20 / 11 / 2002

Baptiste - London Arts Cafe, 1/11/2002


In early November, Baptiste launched their debut album 'Nothing Shines Like A Dying Heart' at the London Art Cafe. Olga Sladeckova was there to watch them play one of the highlight gigs of their career

It is always a very special occasion when a band release a new album and launch it to their fans by playing a gig. The 5 piece London based Baptiste decided to launch their debut album 'Nothing Shines Like A Dying Heart' at the Arts Cafe in Aldgate in London on the 1st November. The Arts Cafe is a cosy venue with soft lighting, and which is decorated with posters that capture people from various nationalities. The bar is on your left hand side when you walk into the concert hall. The first fans start appearing just after 8pm and first of all greet the barman . Tonight you can also buy the new album for an exclusive lower price. The first buyers,a young couple, probably didn't get the news and have turned up with a £ 50 note. A very complimentary move, I think ! The initial supporting band, Twisted Charm, who are also from London, appear on the stage at around 8:30. Their loud music fills the hall very quickly. I wonder looking at the singer and the guitarist, who are both wearing tops with holes in them that have clearly been cut out by a sharp knife if they have scratched themselves underneath as well. Judging by the assertive but spirited tone of the music and the singer who serves his lines with fire in his eyes, I rather worry if the person with the knife has managed to escape... or for that matter will we ?. The music of Saint Joan, the second support, is in contrast calm and relaxed. The Nottingham based band have just released a single, 'The Ice House' and the first song 'All Things Melt' comes from it. Ellen McGee, the singer, rather then singing, talks to us which gives her lyrics an extra vividness The fans start to get slowly into the band's music and at the end of the set reward the group with great applause. Baptiste finally come on to the stage at 10:30. There's been a lot of waiting since 8 and, looking around, I believe the barman has made many good friends tonight. The band start energetically with 'Give a Man Four Walls Long Enough And It Is Possible For Him To Own The World'. The strong sound of guitars sweep over us. It's impossible to resist it. The following 'Tired Bodies' is, however, in comparision a calm song. It begins with keyboards, played by Chris Ayles, and to this are added gentle guitars, and later drums, and then at last the vocals. 'This soft and sleepless world so quiet and so bright/ I’m living like a ghost beneath electric lights...' confesses Wayne Gooderham, the singer, with frail honesty in his voice, sounding worn out to death. 'You Know Everything' is again vigorous. You feel the guitars invading you and before you know it you are dancing. The '£ 50' couple, who are now standing next to me, definitely can't resist.. 'Confessions of a Clumsy Man' is more serene. The closing lines of "Letting this life fall apart/ It’ll be alright" hint at possible redemption as the song fades away at the end. 'Fucked And Far From Home' is similarly melancholic. Wayne announces this as a sad song and, with a title such as that, you can hardly doubt that. The Friday night is closed as it started. The soulful music of 'Love In A Southern City' pumps up the venue once again to make sure that we all go home happy. "I need to know. Is it now and is it you?" Waybe asks us. The applause that follows shows that it is definitely us, the fans, and the next time it will be you, Baptiste, when you play again. (Writer's note - ref. Twisted Charm - there were no scratches under the musicians' tops and the band appeared to be very charming - off the stage anyway.) Give A Man Four Walls Long Enough And It Is Possible For Him To Own The World Tired Bodies You Know Everything Confessions Of A Clumsy Man Fucked And Far From Home Love In A Southern City The photographs that accompany were taken by Bob Stuart and originally appeared on his own website www.underexposed.org.uk

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Baptiste - London Arts Cafe, 1/11/2002

Baptiste - London Arts Cafe, 1/11/2002

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