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Stolen Body Records


Bad Pelicans (2018)

Best Of
Fiery debut mini-album from Paris-based surf punk trio the Bad Pelicans which proves to be the missing link between the Cramps and Spizz Energi

Brackish (2018)

Firm but Fair
Third album from Bristol band the Brackish shows melodic sense and musicians who listen to each other

Earth Tongue (2019)

Floating Being
Raucous but monotonous fuzzy grunge rock on debut album from New Zealand duo Earth Tongue

Electric Retro Spectrum (2019)

Slow and wild garage punk on five-track EP from Parisian trio Electric Retro Spectrum

Evil Usses (2017)

Amateur Pro-Wrestling
Chaotic but gripping combination of jazz with funk and psychedelia on second album from Bristol-based experimental group the Evil Usses

Ivan the Tolerable and His Elastic Band (2019)

Freewheeling jazz space rock on new album from the prolific Ivan the Tolerable and His Elastic Band

Os Noctambulos (2016)

Intense 60's-influenced garage/surface rock on second album from Paris-based punks, Os Noctambulos

Ouzo Bazooka (2019)

Fantastic debut album from Tel Aviv-based group Ouzo Bazooka which combines 60's garage punk influences with World Music

Pinheads (2019)

Is This Real?
Bluesy lo-fi garage rock on sometimes impressive but over-long album from Australian seven-piece the Pinheads, who flirt with 60's pop and Sex Pistols punk

Slift (2018)

La Planete Inexploree
Scorching punk pop on latest album from hard-hitting Toulouse-based psychedelic/garage popsters Slift

Slift (2020)

Fantastic new album from Toulouse trio Slift who have moved swiftly forwards from punk on their debut of last year to space rock on this second LP

Taos Humm (2017)

Flute of the Noodle Bender
Debut album from Bristol trio Taos Humm which proves to be a surreal, colourful blast of noise and general oddity

Vinnum Sabbathi/Cegvera (2019)

The Good Earth is Dying
Mesmerising split 12 inch from prog post-rock bands Vinnum Sabbathi and Cegvera who, coming from Bristol and Mexico, supplement each other in striking fashion

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