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Slift - Ummon

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 10 / 4 / 2020

Slift - Ummon
Label: Stolen Body Records
Format: CD


Fantastic new album from Toulouse trio Slift who have moved swiftly forwards from punk on their debut of last year to space rock on this second LP

Ambitious and ravishingly energetic on their second LP, Toulouse trio Slift demand much extra attention plus a lot of more time. So be it. Snappy punk tunes in the tradition of Spizz Energi marked Slift's debut 'La Planete Inexploree' last year. They now appear to be dispersed in space. Going haywire, trespassing over and stepping across borders, Slift stretch limits as guitar riffs evolve into space echo cliffs. Just like slow food tops the taste to junk food, 'Ummon' cherishes long winding excursions against the tides of time. Slift's great new scheme to cause upset shows on this. Slift have gone from rumbling rudimentary two-and-a-half-minute punk structures to blissfully wild, elaborated and extrapolated mind boggling spasms. Their stamina and venom is saved for outbursts that carry the lengthy tracks, Slift move back to the era just before punk emerged in 1976. Glam pre-punk. Post prog-rock? Either way, this thunderous album defies the evolution in their music and instead jokes with it with obvious pleasure. Beaming big style, who knows? Slift could track down Dr Spock before Spizz Energi does. Old hippies might argue that there's not enough acid, while old punks could complain about the lack of sniffing glue. 'Ummon' sounds like it is coming from the planet that passed by Earth around 1975. A bloated eclipse of the sun showing a blue moon. Either way, it's a very rapid move from punk to before its time. Turning back time in style makes 'Ummon' such a wonderfully odd experience. Confusion a quality of tactics. On 'Ummon' Slift set the history of 1970's music on shuffle play.

Track Listing:-
1 Ummon
2 It's Coming.
3 Thousand Helmets of Gold
4 Citadel on a Satellite
5 Hyperion
6 Altitude Lake
7 Sonar
8 Dark Was Space, Cold Were the Stars
9 Aurore Aux Confins
10 Son Dông's Cavern
11 Lions, Tigers and Bears

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La Planete Inexploree (2018)
Scorching punk pop on latest album from hard-hitting Toulouse-based psychedelic/garage popsters Slift

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