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Vinnum Sabbathi/Cegvera - The Good Earth is Dying

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 22 / 2 / 2019

Vinnum Sabbathi/Cegvera - The Good Earth is Dying
Label: Stolen Body Records
Format: CD


Mesmerising split 12 inch from prog post-rock bands Vinnum Sabbathi and Cegvera who, coming from Bristol and Mexico, supplement each other in striking fashion

Advancing in from both sides over the Atlantic Ocean, warning signals resound on all the titles on this foreboding EP, 'The Good Earth is Dying'. Vinnum Sabbathi's 'HEX VIII The Malthusian Spectre' commences a sonic experience that is filled with wah-wah sounds. On side 1 on this split 12 inch both acts initially seems to be tiptoeing in from outer space. But wait, something more challenging lies ahead on This Mexico/Bristol split as Vinnum Sabbathi and Cegvera supplement each other in striking fashion. Overwhelming in many ways, they are also alas most unlikely to upset the neighbours. On this split EP, Vinnum Sabbathi and Cegvera are almost like two peas in a pod. Evolving from post rock into drone music, Vinnum Sabbathi, who are from Bristol, perhaps initially suggested the Penguin Cafe Orchestra as an inspiration to Mexican group Cegvera, and ultimately Cegvera caught onto that drift. Cegvera use the opportunity to splash out in a big way. Flirting with freak-out grunge and post rock, the two bands prefer numb instrumentals to elaborate on their statements. 'The Good Earth is Dying' is only short of astounding reverbs, perhaps my sole complaint. Mesmerizing throughout, you'll find plenty of tension and passion on this split EP. Hammering like muppets high on acid, both Vinnum Sabbathi and Cegvera make their point very strongly.

Track Listing:-
1 Vinnum Sabbathi HEX VIII: The Malthusian Spectre
2 Vinnum Sabbathi Intermission (The Good Earth is Dying)
3 Cegvera Arrival // Colonia
4 Cegvera Depletion // Overshoot
5 Cegvera Collapse // Aftermath

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