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Soma Records


Black Dog (2007)

Book of Dogma
Forceful double CD compilation, which compiles together their vinyl only early releases, from groundbreaking electronic act the Black Dog

Black Dog (2007)

The Cost
Early pioneering dubstep, culled together from the forthcoming re-issue of seminal electronic group the Black Dog's early 1990's album, 'Temple of Transparent Balls'

Black Dog (2008)

Detroit Vs Sheffield
Excellent new EP from Sheffield-based electronic act Black Dog, which pays tribute to Robert Hood, Detroit master of techno

Black Dog (2009)

Vexing EP
Excellent new twelve inch vinyl single from Sheffield-based techno act the Black Dog, which preceeds their forthcoming new album, 'Further Vexations'

Black Dog (2009)

Further Vexations
Superb latest album from Sheffield-based techno pioneers, the Black Dog

Croucher and Myles (2008)

Vicious Circle
Fabulous twelve inch vinyl single from new duo Croucher and Myles, who prove immediately to be one of house's most essential acts

Decimal (2008)

Technicolor Lover
Fine, off kilter techno on new EP from new act, Decimal

Decimal (2010)

Forgotten Requiem
Meandering latest single from Decimal, the project of much acclaimed Chicago-based artist David Spacek

Decimal (2011)

Instantly appealing latest single from Chicago-based house/techno project, Decimal

Funk D'Void and Sian (2009)

A Raven Wheeling Overhead
Eurodisco-influenced latest single from Funk D'Void, the moniker for Scandinavian musician Lars Sandberg

Funk D'Void and Sian (2010)

Bearded Child
Gentle-in-tone techno on new single from Scottish collaboration, Funk D'Void and Sian

Harvey McKay (2008)

Loud techno on new download single from young Glaswegian Harvey McKay, the unexceptional A-side of which is outclassed by its stamina-building B-side

Harvey McKay (2010)

Immaculate-sounding techno designed to be played loud from Scottish group, Harvey McKay

Joe Stawarz (2011)

Fluent-toned debut single from Australian-based techno/house musician, Joe Stawarz

Let's Go Outside (2008)

A Picnic with the Hunters
Fine electronic dance music on debut album from Let's Go Outside, the project of Portland, Oregon-based musician Stephen Schieberl

Let's Go Outside (2009)

Excellent single from upcoming new album for house act Let's Go Outside, the project of Stephen Schieberl, a Portland, oregon-based musician

Mark Henning (2008)

All Star Geek
Elegant and sophisticated-sounding new single plus remixes from German house/techno artist Mark Henning

Octogen (2008)

The Journeyman and Square Bells
Innovative remixes on twelve inch vinyl of two tracks by Octogen, the moniker of young techno wizard Marco Bernardi, who has had a trio of releases out already this year

Pablo (2009)

Turntable Technology
Excellent, autobiographical collection of soundtrack music from Pablo, the project of Glasgow-based electronic musician Michael Hunter

Pablo (2009)

The Story of Sampling
Sublime hip hop on laidback and majestic new single from Pablo, the moniker for Glasgow-based musician Michael Hunter

Percy X (2002)

Wheres The Music
Refreshingly "relevant" and "of-the-minute electro-techno workout" from dance maestro Terry Scott, aka Percy X

Project AKC (2013)

Appealing digital only single from techno act Project AKC, who have just signed to Soma Records

Repeat Repeat (2007)

Home Stop Welcome
Acid house inspired new single from electronic duo Repeat/Repeat, the a side of which was mixed by Andrew Weatherall

Silicone Soul (2006)

Save Our Souls
Euphoric house music on latest album from Glaswegian dance duo, Silicone Soul

Slam (2007)

Lengthy, but totally compelling new single from house DJ Slam

Slam (2007)

Human Response
Sophisticated and deeply addictive house music on fourth album from Slam, whose members Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle are the founders of Glasgow's Soma label

Slam (2008)

Staccato Rave
Infectious remixes of 'Staccato Rave', one of the tracks from techno duo Slam's 'Human Response' album , which maintain but also build on from the appeal of the original

Slam (2014)

Fine new single from much acclaimed Glasgow-based techno outfit, Slam

Vector Lovers (2007)

Surprising new album from minimalistic house act Vector Lovers which takes a lot of its inspiration from traditional styles aand would not be out of place on a Radio 2 or 6Music playlist

Vector Lovers (2008)

Ping Pong
Epic and exquisite-sounding clash of styles on latest EP from techno act, the Vector Lovers

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