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Decimal - Technicolor Lover

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 7 / 7 / 2008

Decimal - Technicolor Lover
Label: Soma Records
Format: CD


Fine, off kilter techno on new EP from new act, Decimal

Wierdo clubby tracks never fail to attract my attention. I like it when mathematics in music goes wobbly. The lead track 'Eleanor' seems to come from an aquarium filled with fish on pills. Next, Decimal, from Indiana, USA, reach triple figures, pun intended of course, with enormously deep beats from 'Akkad' - the second track on the A-side. Thanks to those shiphorn-like sounds 'Akkad', as the ultimate departure soundtrack, manages to even improve as it progresses. Side B opens with the jestful 'Automath', an excursion into miracle clubland, guided by lean and mean clacks. The beats and keys in 'Automath' swirl around in a simple and warped cycle and draw towards a close in a subtle wind-up fashion which you ought to embrace with your close-in listening. The closing track is 'Can Opener'. It's where the lid pops off, the pun once again fully intentional, and where a bubble bath of beats flood the ear channels. On the scale of a means to mating rituals, this EP does the job in fine style.

Track Listing:-
1 Eleanor
2 Akkad
3 Automath
4 Can Opener

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