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Enraptured Records


Beatglider (2008)

Fantastic and haunting third album from versatile shoegazing-influenced group, Beatglider

Coldharbourstores (2017)

Understated but haunting first album in fourteen years from London-based alternative band Coldharbourstores

Coldharbourstores (2021)

Dearly Devoted
Sweetly jangling but flawed fourth album from London-based band Coldharbourstores

John Brenton (2015)

AM FM etc
Sporadically brilliant compilation album from Bristol-based musician John Brenton, who has recorded music under various monikers including Southville, Metrotone, Landshipping, Ojn and Tonfedd Oron

Junkboy (2005)

Lost Parade
Ingenious, summery and sparkling acoustic pop on second album from Essex-based band Junkboy

Junkboy (2008)

Otfen brilliant pastoral-sounding third album from Junkboy, the project of the Brighton-based Hanscomb brothers, slightly spoilt by its intentionally clumsy production

Junkboy (2010)

Sublime and eloquent folk pop on fourth album from continuously under-rated and unfashionable Essex-based electronic duo, Junkboy

Junkboy (2015)

Release the Sunshine
Lush and lazy download only single from Essex-based electronic duo, Junkboy

Kontakte (2007)

Powerful futuristic synth rock on new vinyl only single from British electronic duo Kontakte

Slipstream (2007)

A.E.I.O.U. (Lost for Words)
Outstanding first recording in seven years on new EP from Slipstream, the project of ex-Spiritualized members Mark Refoy and Johnny Mattock

Storm Society (2007)

Miles Away
Competent, but imitative dark-sounding guitar rock on debut EP from new Glaswegian group, the Storm Sciety

Sunray (2005)

Retrospective In Stereo
Vinyl only retrospective of tracks recorded between 1993 and 2003 by Sunray, the moniker for British electronic artist Jon Chambers

Sunray (2013)

Full Circle
Fabulous 60's-influenced psychedelia on third album from Aylesbury-based drone rockers, Sunray

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