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Junkboy - Lost Parade

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 22 / 7 / 2005

Junkboy - Lost Parade
Label: Enraptured Records
Format: CD


Ingenious, summery and sparkling acoustic pop on second album from Essex-based band Junkboy

The Moshi Moshi 'boss' once joked that Junkboy hail from Denmark. But no need to make Junkboy any extra special! Relaxed and open-minded Junkboy offered a comfortably low step-in. Their first EPs toiled with wacky ideas for tunes on squeaking keyboards and, like bands can do, Junkboy have now officially come off age with their second album, 'Lost Parade' One can fully understand 'Lost Parade' is a summer release, yet with 6. July leading into 7. July and later all becoming history, the title all of sudden changed to a spooky reminder. Junkboy succeed to record all of the vapours of music from the countryside on their pretty ingenious pattern of composition music. Yet if the press release read that Junkboy were from Bergen, Norway, without a doubt, I would have believed it. This Junkboy mold from sparkling acoustic guitars and whispers and can rock your boat even when lazy and lush ponds build your favourite summer playground. Junkboy could play Hyde Park and even the punters in Mayfair may get their ears in. Yet Junkboy live in Essex. Junkboy's undoubtedly poor manner of dress will not come as a surprise. People often dress so when they're too busy perfecting what they do best. 'Lost Parade' has yet to see its LP release, but, however, it's the unofficial side B which I prefer. With 'Ten' the parade finally gets going, and the fanfare comes in! Nothing too overtly jolly and meaningless though, 'Lost Parade' find its way off Junkboy's highstreet with jazzy and electronic sidesteps. 'Leaving' is my favourite track and while it leads onto the closing Valgeir Sigmundsen mix of 'This Is Our Music', there's a mystery reprise. I guess the best thing must be to play the CD again.

Track Listing:-
1 Welcome To The Party
2 Yokosuka
3 Embers
4 Spring
5 Lost Parade
6 Bass / Snare
7 Ten
8 Cry4unomore
9 Shadow And Act
10 Eye Know
11 Leaving
12 This Is Music

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