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Junkboy - Koyo

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 14 / 8 / 2010

Junkboy - Koyo
Label: Enraptured Records
Format: CD


Sublime and eloquent folk pop on fourth album from continuously under-rated and unfashionable Essex-based electronic duo, Junkboy

Terribly out of style and too eloquent to twitter about it, Junkboy play a very fine and fragile kind of pop music. 'Koyo' marks no change in style from previous great albums like 'Lost Parade' or 'Three' and will definitely please the few who noticed the beauty on those. Junkboy brings on big guns on ´Koyo´, especially on ´Function of the Sun´ and ´Pieces in the Sky´. Not vogueish enough to please current taste, I fear the effort got lost though, as if a bigger sound automatically draws a bigger audience. The crux of the album is 'Dr Rendezvous' which brings together Junkboy's quintessential laid back folkpop and the rich orchestration of 'Koyo'. It beautifully leads to nothing, and the void in their sound remains a quality hard to recognize. So, on side 2 of the LP, Junkboy shape up and start to rock out. After a few hours of broken Junkboy pop, this louder latter half of the 'Koyo' album could be regarded as a banging loud farewell. Should even 'Koyo' fail to draw enough attention, Junkboy have every reason to say 'sod you'.

Track Listing:-
1 Firth
2 Home
3 Friends (Part 2)
4 Function Of The Sun
5 Pieces In The Sky
6 Dr. Rendezvous
7 Present
8 Stendhal Syndrome
9 Ghosts
10 On the Shore
11 Let The Light In
12 Tones X

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