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Junkboy - Three

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 6 / 3 / 2008

Junkboy - Three
Label: Enraptured Records
Format: CD


Otfen brilliant pastoral-sounding third album from Junkboy, the project of the Brighton-based Hanscomb brothers, slightly spoilt by its intentionally clumsy production

Ah, the peace and quiet of a Junkboy release never ceases to please. The two brothers Hanscomb with their third full length album will not, however, hit you for six. Rather, the brothers field along the boundary rope and chat to spectators of the game while pulling off a few tricks. Some nice returns, yet no direct hits. 'Good lads' the umpires must have thought. As can be expected from a Junkboy release, there's no sophistication in sound yet the songs themselves move along smooth lines. The pastoral quality remains eminent. Now residing in coastal Brighton, a little breeze has entered this mixed bag offering. Their collages and wanderings in sound feature a wider range and the actual songs, as in tracks with a melody, have gained a nice coherence and feature almost whispered vocals. But they're not the new Beach Boys. The intentional clumsiness in their, to quote the press sheet, "DIY home recorded ethos" spoils the grander moments on 'Three'. Truly beautiful songs such as 'Held Inside' deserved more effort in their production. You will not really mind. The last three quarters of 'Three' are excellent despite the rudimentary recording. The quality of 'Junkboy' is its direct and gentle approach, perhaps not reflecting the hectic technology age we live in but providing a very warm addition to it. It probably sounds better on vinyl.

Track Listing:-
1 Volcano Mono
2 There Is Light
3 Red Firecracker
4 Tonight
5 Kamo River
6 Seconds
7 A Word From Our Sponsor
8 Held Inside
9 Fidlam Bens
10 Waiting For...

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