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Duran Duran Duran (2015)

Rejectro EP
Sophisticated but formulaic download EP from pioneering breakcore artist Duran Duran Duran, saved by an excellent remix

Kanji Kinetic (2010)

New Era
Deafening, but gripping twelve inch EP from hardcore techno act, Kanji kinetic

Kid606 (2008)

Die Soundboy Die
Excellent combination of euro-disco and techno bass from Kid606 has recently relocated from San Francisco to his new base of Berlin

Kid606 (2012)

Everything is Business
Imaginative and melodic new mini-album from San Francisco expat and now Berlin-based techno artist Kid606, which finds him moving away from his original hardcore sound

Kid606 (2012)

Lost in the Game
Cliched and predictable latest album from San Francisco-born, but now Berlin-based electronic artist, Kid606

Kid606 (2013)

Going Back to Kali Yuga
Breezy dubstep on new EP from Kid606, who has recently moved back from Berlin to his native California

Kid606 (2014)

Happier EP
Hit and miss collection of remixes of tracks from San Francisco-based electronic artist, Kid606

Kid606 (2009)

Mr Wobble's Nightmare
Morbidly and tasteless new EP from Berlin-based techno/dub artist, Kid606

Magic Panda (2013)

Temple of a Thousand Lights
Undemanding, but enjoying electronica/dance from Magic Panda, the nom de plume for lo-fi Norfolk-based musician Jamie robson

PJ Pooterhoots (2010)

Zombie Pants EP
Enjoyable and offbeat latest techno/dance EP from PJ Pooterhooks, the project of zany San Francisco musician, Craig Drake

Si Begg aka Buckfunk 3000 (2010)

The Tigerbeat6 Arrangements
Fantastic breakbeat compilation on the Tigerbeat6 label from the influential Si Begg

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