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Kid606 - Everything is Business

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 14 / 8 / 2012

Kid606 - Everything is Business
Label: Tigerbeat6
Format: CD


Imaginative and melodic new mini-album from San Francisco expat and now Berlin-based techno artist Kid606, which finds him moving away from his original hardcore sound

San Francisco expat Kid606 finally makes it back to the scene. After being based in Berlin for the better half of a decade now, the kid has reached age. And since rage at his life stage no longer leads to outrage, in comes melodic extravaganza with a bite, to replace the former snappy banging breakbeat core business. Either way round, the kid has become a man of the world, of sound and composition. Whether or not he used to play the piano as a kid, such is unclear. Above all, however, 'Everything is Business' is his showcase, as the merger of the beautiful and the busy beast. The latter nearly tamed. In genuine 8-track mode, Kid606 dishes out a good twenty minute set of imaginative electronic downbeats. Vapours erupting from the Farfisa organ on 'Dark Archipelago', to the urban sprawl in 'Hood Gone Mad' go to show the extent of maturity of Kid606's music. I welcome his modest return to form. Probably there is a whole new generation eager to hammer the keys on computer music hardware, to step in his place. Is there a life after hardcore? Yes, there is.

Track Listing:-
1 Everything Is Business
2 Lsdmtb303
3 Love Me
4 When Things Come Together
5 Dark Archipelago
6 Temporary Revelations
7 I Want Her Wings
8 Hood Gone Mad

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