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Kid606 - Lost in the Game

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 12 / 10 / 2012

Kid606 - Lost in the Game
Label: Tigerbeat6
Format: CD


Cliched and predictable latest album from San Francisco-born, but now Berlin-based electronic artist, Kid606

His days as the whizzkid of breakcore may be over, yet Kid606 remains what they call in his current residency of Berlin 'ein Teufelskerl'. The downbeat lounge tarnish has only a few itchy glitches and knows how to immediately be pleasing with, another German word, yet a much newer one this time, with 'Kopfkino' - cinematic head(-phones) music. For sure, a new age for Kid606 but alas not music which we have not heard before. His idiosyncracy forced to the background, smooth and seamless downbeats come on and go off like moments of Zen. 'Step into the Light You Fucking Idiot' brings on the first real challenge. Actually, the observations in the track titles prove (of) sharper wit than the music itself. Perhaps, I am just missing the irony in these electronic music clichés. I can't help feeling Kid606 makes a mockery of German electronic music. Track titles like 'I Need to Start a Cult' and 'Baroque and Out of Money' aptly describe the sarcasm and irony that went missing in the sounds. At the moment, it does seem as if he has lost his momentum.

Track Listing:-
1 Godspeed You African American Emperor
2 Gimme Summer
3 New Boss Same As Old Boss
4 Cardamom's Gone Soft
5 I Want to Join a Cult
6 Meeguk So Horny
7 Big Black Ketamine Jesus
8 Step into the Light You Fucking Idiot
9 Left Hand Pathfinder
10 Night Club vs. Book Club
11 Baroque and Out of Money
12 I Need to Start a Cult
13 I'm Sick But I Ain't Dead

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