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Kid606 - Happier EP

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 13 / 6 / 2014

Kid606 - Happier EP
Label: Tigerbeat6
Format: CDS


Hit and miss collection of remixes of tracks from San Francisco-based electronic artist, Kid606

Only a few of these remixes add something really new, and in hindsight the original tracks on Kid606's 2013 album 'Happiness' such as 'Blood Stevia Sex Magik' and 'Smooth Sailing' prove too good to improve. Miffy does a good quasi disco pop version of 'If I am Only Allowed One Song on the Album with Cut Up Female Then This Song Is It’. The RW Smith remix of ‘Cloud Sculpting’ goes on for too long, while Basteroid doesn't so much ruin 'Blood Stevia Sex Magik' but tames it. 'Tarsier Treehouse' in the MimiCof remix becomes an even shorter track with lots of jolly snap, crackle 'n bop. Miffy's second remix of ‘Man, The Failed Child’ is another relaxed roller coaster. One can always rely on Magic Panda, and his version of 'Cloud Sculpting' works like an artistic joke over a very subtle Munich Sound (Giorgio Moroder) pulsating disco breeze. The elegant instrumental club soul in AM Version's remix for 'Smooth Sailing' rides with pride these gentle waves. As always, music sounds better on vinyl, and this collection could do with a deep needle bite.

Track Listing:-
1 Man, The Failed Child (Live Version)
2 If I am only allowed... (Miffy Remix)
3 Cloud Sculpting (RW Smith Remix)
4 Blood Stevia Sex Magik (Basteroid Rem
5 Tarsier Treehouse (MimiCof Remix)
6 Man, The Failed Child (Miffy Remix)
7 Cloud Sculpting (Magic Panda Remix)
8 Smooth Sailing (AM Version Remix)

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