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Kid606 - Going Back to Kali Yuga

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 7 / 10 / 2013

Kid606 - Going Back to Kali Yuga
Label: Tigerbeat6
Format: 12"


Breezy dubstep on new EP from Kid606, who has recently moved back from Berlin to his native California

Trendsetting back in the day by moving to Berlin, Kid606 recently went back to live in Kali Yuga, California. This first born-again native Kid606 EP precedes a new LP, 'Happiness', but still sounds very Berlin/London/Euro. 'Going back to Kali Yuga' kicks off with the breezy dubstep of the title track. 'Rabbit Chasing' continues in a similar fashion, dropping beats over slightly complex, mashed up patterns. This fictitious EP's A-side slows down a bit on 'Wonderdawgs' where Kid606's hunch for minimalism shows through, or true. So far, nice and concise. 'Just Gonna Take It Out What You Owe Me' starts off the EP's B-side using slowly rattling beats; Kid606 being ever so helpful on word count for album reviews with his elaborated track titles. The centrepiece 'Mors Omnia Vincit' might mark Kid606's homecoming, commencing in torn-up breakbeat style. The track lingers off into lovely minimalistic nothingness. 'Boeotian Bliss' winds it all down.

Track Listing:-
1 Going Back To Kali Yuga
2 Rabbit Chasing
3 Wonderdawgs
4 Just Gonna Take It Out What You Owe
5 Boeotian Bliss
6 Mors Omnia Vincit

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