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Kid606 - Mr Wobble's Nightmare

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 21 / 3 / 2009

Kid606 - Mr Wobble's Nightmare
Label: Tigerbeat6
Format: 12"


Morbidly and tasteless new EP from Berlin-based techno/dub artist, Kid606

'Mr Wobble's Nightmare' is jolly, but morbid stuff from Berlin breakcore-based artist Kid606, who introduces more tracks from his forthcoming album on this, his latest EP. It is meat grinding entertainment for the entire family perhaps, unless you actually have ever lost a child. You can't dance to it either if you're over 35 years of age, regardless of how extremely fit you may be. An especially silly line from the title track, "Your son has died", gets dumped as a sample on the next track 'Billionaire Bank Run', thanks to the wisdom still left at Tigerbeat after its move to Berlin. The Squire Of Gothos - I know Gothos well, we shared pints over breakfast - does, however, a gorgeous little job on his remix for 'Mr Wobble's Nightmare'. The next big treat on the 'Mr. Wobble's Nightmare EP' is 'Dancehall Of The Dread' when every trick of the trade from the DJ's cupboard finds a new use. This is quintessential Kid606 matter where techno, dub and bass all jump voluntarily into his blending machine. As remixers, the Acid Junks next don't deliver much new, so onto 'I Shall Be Shareholdin' which might the first dance track to ever use a voice sample from one the most famous BBC Radio shows 'Wait A Minute'. The sample is well under under 10 seconds. Lawyers do not need to bother unless it's a role in the new 'Extra's' series that they're after.

Track Listing:-
1 Mr. Wobble's Nightmare (Original Mix)
2 Billionaire Bank Run
3 Mr. Wobble's Nightmare (Squire Of Gothos Remix)
4 Dancehall Of The Dead (Kanji Kinetic Remix)
5 Mr. Wobble's Nightmare (Acid Jacks Remix)
6 I Be Shareholdin'
7 Mr. Wobble's Nightmare (Mikix The Cat Remix)
8 Mr. Wobble's Nightmare (Video Edit)
9 Mr. Wobble's Nightmare (Dolby Anol Club Edit)

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