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Sub Pop


Aeon Station (2021)

Harmonic and thought-provoking debut album from Aeon Station, the solo project of ex-Wrens' member Kevin Whelan which was fourteen years in the making

Album Leaf (2004)

In A Safe Place
Organic-sounding new album from long-serving electro act Album Leaf, which has found mainman Jimmy La Valle abandoning the sunny climes of California to travel to Iceland to work with Sigur Ros

Album Leaf (2010)

A Chorus of Storytellers
Expansive-sounding pop on first rate fifth album from Californian act The Album Leaf, the first to be recorded as a group rather than as a solo project by multi-instrumentalist Jimmy LaValle

Beachwood Sparks (2001)

Beachwood Sparks
Blazing trails in indie music can be hard these days. Everyone is either striving for originality or looking to the past for inspiration. Beachwood Sparks have managed to do both. The Byrds, Gram

Chappaquiddick Skyline (2001)

Chappaquiddick Skyline
Joe Pernice's latest incarnation, Chappaquidick Skyline, is a melancholic record full of beautifully quiet instrumentation and breathy vocals that recall a time when records were about the music, no

Damien Jurado (2001)

Ghost Of David
Damien Jurado’s last album was titled ‘Rehearsals For Departure’. Looking through the titles of some of the songs on this, his latest release, you can’t help but wonder if the departure he was plannin

Dead Moon (2006)

Echoes of the Past
Sprawling double CD retrospective on the Sub Pop label from long-serving Oregon-based garage rock three-piece, Dead Moon

Dum Dum Girls (2011)

Only in Dreams
Competent yet often over obvious second album from Californian all girl quartet, the Dum Dum Girls

Dum Dum Girls (2014)

Too True
Superb 1980's-influenced third album from Los Angeles-based alternative rockers, the Dum Dum Girls

J Mascis (2014)

Tied to a Star
Surprisingly understated yet excellent latest solo record from Dinosaur Jr front-man and guitarist, J Mascis

J Mascis (2011)

Several Shades of Why
Exclusively acoustic and brilliant solo album from Dinosaur Jr. front man, J Mascis

Jaill (2012)

Infectious and life-affirming summery pop on fantastic second album from Milwaukee-based band, Jaill

Kelley Stoltz (2010)

To Dreamers
Fabulous and versatile sixth album from 60's-influenced Californian singer-songwriter Kelley Stoltz

Kelley Stoltz (2006)

Below the Branches
Diverse, distinctive fourth album from Detroit-born but San Francisco-based singer songwriter Kelley Stoltz, who has a similar eclectic genius to Brian Wilson

King Tuff (2012)

King Tuff
Flawed and derivative, but immensely appealing pop on second album from Californian singer-songwriter, King Tuff

Kinski (2005)

Alpine Static
Fourth album of krautrock psychedelia and post-rock from Seattle quartet and instrumental group Kinski

Kinski (2007)

Down Below It's Chaos
Ballsy rock on somewhat cumbersome sixth album from Kinski, the first to feature vocals from the previously all instrumental Seattle-based post rockers

Kyle Craft (2016)

Dolls of Highland
Mixed bag debut offering from Sub Pop’s latest signing, singer-songwriter and solo artist Kyle Craft

Love As Laughter (2001)

Sea To Shining Sea
Love As Laughter are a Seattle based band that was spawned from the mind of Sam Jayne, following the break-up of his previous band, Lync. Previous releases from Love As Laughter have included the cri

Makers (2001)

Rock Star God
How did I miss this lot? I’ve assumed for some time that my longstanding enthusiasm for all things rock related and particularly the sounds emanating from the U.S. these last 20 or so years meant that

Male Bonding (2010)

Nothing Hurts
Punchy and gloriously noisy debut album from trashy, but vibrant London-based trio, Male Bonding

Morgan Delt (2016)

Phase Zero
Melodic and adventurous in equal measure, Morgan Delt’s fine second album proves to be psychedelia fit for 21st century America

Mudhoney (2002)

Since We've Become Translucent
Spectacular eighth album " packed full of.... Stooges-inspired rock n roll " from Godfathers of Grunge, Mudhoney

Murder City Devils (2001)

Farfisa, farfisa, farfisa! Anyone who reads my reviews with any regularity knows that it is just this sort of organ-drenched garage punk that me likes. Spencer Moody doesn’t sing so much as yell, or

No Age (2008)

Accessibly impressive debut album from experimental LA-based group No Age, who strike a balance between being distortedly noisy and also melodic in a convincing and engaging way

Pissed Jeans (2007)

Hope for Men
Squalling punk from latest Sub Pop signing Pissed Jeans who hide a sneaking intellect behind the demented howls

Pissed Jeans (2013)

Stunning fourth album, which merges together 90's punk and grunge influences, from forceful Philadelphia-based act, Pissed Jeans

Rose Windows (2013)

The Sun Dog
Inventive debut album from Seattle-based psychedelic folk pop outfit, Rose Windows

Rose Windows (2015)

Rose Windows
Posthumous second album from just disbanded Seattle-based sextet Rose Windows, which finds them shifting from their early psychedelic influences towards a melodic pop/folk sound

Rosie Thomas (2005)

If Songs Could Be Held
Unpretentious and exquisite third album from American acoustic rocker and Sub Pop signing Rosie Thomas

Shearwater (2012)

Animal Joy
Catchy, but unsatisfactory fourth album from acclaimed Texan group, Shearwater

Shearwater (2016)

Jet Plane and Oxbow
Assured eighth album from undervalued Texan-based experimental band, Shearwatar

Sleater-Kinney (2005)

The Woods
Eclectic indie rock on seventh album from the "consistently brilliant and diverse" Sleater-Kinney

Twilight Singers (2011)

Dynamite Steps
Confident and energetic, yet somewhat restrained first album in five years from New Orleans indie rock act the Twlight Singers

Weyes Blood (2022)

And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow
Inventive and spiritual fifth album, the second part in a proposed trilogy, from acclaimed Californian singer-songwriter Weyes Blood



Male Bonding

Paul Waller talks to London-based noisy sunshine pop act and recent Sub Pop signing Male Bonding about their just released debut, 'Nothing Hurts', at a show in Canterbury

No Age
Interview No Age - Interview

At a gig in London, Mark Rowland speaks to one-time Wives member and drummer and guitarist Dean Spunt about his new band No Age, and their second album ' Nouns' which has just been released on Sub Pop

Rosie Thomas
Interview Rosie Thomas - Interview

Seattle-based singer-songwriter Rosie Thomas has recently released her third album 'If Songs Could Be Held' on Sub Pop. She chats to Ben Howarth about it, touring and her other alternative career as a stand-up comediain.

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