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Jaill - Traps

  by Paul Waller

published: 26 / 6 / 2012

Jaill - Traps
Label: Sub Pop
Format: CD


Infectious and life-affirming summery pop on fantastic second album from Milwaukee-based band, Jaill

So it has fallen onto Jaill to bring in the summer with this thunderous new record, full of hooks and fabulous melodies but most of all a huge dash of sunshiny infectious songs, that's right; fully formed, beginning midddle and ends n'all. Gone is the wishy washy Strokes-isms from their previous 'This Is How We Burn' LP in, and in its place Jaill seemed to have tapped into the vast ocean of latter day Beach Boy song craft. It's not the technicalities and the experimentation you'll find here though. It's all about the pop. It's all about hope where before there was none. 'Traps' really is a life affirming platter, and I am so very glad to have found a record this good to soundtrack these coming months. There is not a bad track on here. The opening double whammy of 'Waste a Lot Of Things' and 'Everyone's a Bitch' gets me every time. You'll find you can't simply listen to them and not have the rest of the record follow. By the time you hit the half way mark and the acoustic guitars come out for 'Madness' and 'Million Times' you'll understand how fully realised and complete this album really is. It's frankly bizarre to think that this was recorded in singer Vincent Kircher's Milwaukee basement such is the quality of this almost perfect production that the record contains. It feels polished and trashy at the same time. Jaill is my new favourite band, a perfect accompaniment to barbecues and beach lounging, holding hands and those long hot summer nights. The best thing to come out on Sub Pop since that roaring debut Male Bonding record a few years back? You bet ya.

Track Listing:-
1 Waste A Lot Of Things
2 Everyone's A Bitch
3 Perfect Ten
4 Horrible Things (Make Pretty Songs)
5 I'm Home
6 House With Haunting
7 Madness
8 Million Times
9 Ten Teardrops
10 While You Reload
11 Stone Froze Mascot

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