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Bangles - Everything

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 7 / 10 / 2012

Bangles - Everything
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Anthony Strutt examines bestselling Los Angeles all girl group the Bangles 1988 third album, 'Everything', which has recently been remastered in an extended edition

‘Everything’ was the 1988 third and final album by the Bangles in their original 1980s’ heyday. This ends Cherry Red's remastering of their first three albums. A new album, ‘Sweetheart of the Sun’, was delivered last September, with two bonus tracks that were only available via a shop in New York and were very difficult to get a hold of. Another new album is on its way as well as a new solo album from Susanna Hoffs. ‘Everything’ was big, very American, and, while admittingly I have bought it since in every format that it has come out in, to me as a die-hard fan it wasn't the Bangles that I fell in love with back in 1985. There were inner demons at work, and success and fame lead the band to splitting not long afterwards. ‘All Over the Place’, their debut album, came out in 1984, and I bought it on import before many other people else knew about them. I saw the Bangles at The Marquee in London in April 1985, and it completely blew my mind, It remains my best ever gig by anyone, past or present, I was innocent and shy, and these four hot Los Angles babes were both the ultimate sexual fantasy and also loved the Paisley Underground as much as me. ‘Everything’ isn't part of that. It is a big pop album, with not enough of Susanna for my liking. She was sexier then the others and until then had done most of the lead vocals, but this had lead to friction in the band. Despite its faults, however, it is an album with some very strong moments, and which I have liked more and more over the years. ‘In Your Room’ was both a single and a psychedelic dream of a number. It has a Suzy lead vocal about what you could do with her in your room, and sent my young brain into overdrive back then. It has an element of the Byrds, and Suzy’s honey-dripping vocals melted my very soul. ‘Complicated Girl’ has a vocal from Michael Steele. She was the bass player, and is the only original member no longer in the band now. This is a carefree number, which washes over us like summer itself. ‘Bell Jar’ was written by the Peterson sisters, Vicki and Debbi. Vicki who sings lead vocals is their lead guitarist, while Debbi is the drummer. This is fast paced and summer-crusted pop. ‘Something to Believe In' was written by Michael who takes the lead again, and is both much slower and well-paced. ‘Eternal Flame’ is Suzy's anthemic, over-the-top love song. The video showed her on her knees on Venice Beach, and when I finally got to hear this song live at their reunion shows I couldn't stop crying. ‘Eternal Flame’ was their biggest ever number. It spent four weeks at number one in the UK, and was a huge hit in 2001 for scouse girl group Atomic Kitten. It is one of the defining songs of the 1980s and perfect it is too. ‘East Words, Easy Story’ is a song so easy anyone that could have written it, but it took a band from L.A to deliver the goods. ‘Be With You’ was written by Debbi, and is a fast-paced guitar driven number, while ‘Glitter Years is another Michael written and sung number, and shows off the band's strengths as a tight four piece in perfect harmony with each other, although at the time maybe it didn’t seem that way. ‘I'll Set You Free’ is a slow-paced number, over which Suzy's jangly vocals drip over your ears and melt your heart every time. ‘Watching the Sky’ was co-written by Vicki and Suzy, and displays some feisty attitude and mean guitar. ‘Some Dreams Do Come True’ is a Debbi song, and, again featuring perfect four part harmonies, is catchy pop at its most powerful. ‘Make a Play For Her Now' is sung by Vicki, and is a bittersweet toe tapper. ‘Waiting for You’ is a sweet jangling number upon which Suzy sparkles brightly. ‘Crash and Burn’ is a Vicki number co-written with Rachel Sweet, and ends the original album. It is both fun and very beat-flavoured. The Cherry Red remaster adds ‘What I Meant to Say’ which is a sure fire toe-tapper. There is also an extended version of ‘In Your Room’, which is given a big 80s-sounding remix, and another extended 12 inch mix of ‘I'll Set You Free’, which like the previous track is over long but not enough to take its magic away. ‘Everything’, while suffering from over-the top 80’s production, is an album of strong tunes and that now seems better than it did when it was first released.

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Bangles - Everything

Bangles - Everything

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