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Bangles - Doll Revolution

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 8 / 4 / 2003

Bangles - Doll Revolution
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Unpredictable, but thoroughly enjoyable new album from the Bangles, which is their first new record in 15 years

It is 2003, and after over 2 years in the making, we have a new Bangles album. 'Doll Revolution' is actually their first since 1988's 'Everything' which was okay, but nowhere nearly as good as their second album 1986's 'Different Light' , which turned the band into household names. 'Doll Revolution' is the Bangles longest album, containing 15 tracks and lasting almost an hour. The Bangles are Susanna Hoffs, sisters Debbie and Vicki Peterson, and Michael Steele. The Bangles rock, so who cares if they are bubblegum at times ? They are, without doubt. the sexiest band ever and they rock far better than four guys on stage, because they just give it their all and there is no ego. They are just pleased to be there. How does 'Doll Revolution' then rate to their 1985 debut 'All Over the Place' and 'Different Light' ? Well, I really like it. It has in fact reduced to me tears at times. It is not the album that people will probably think that it will be, but if you have ever held a flame up for the girls, give it a spin. All four girls co-wrote the whole album and most of the songs, therefore, have a band feel. It is a mature album. They are not teenagers anymore. 2 are married and mothers. The album kicks off with 'Tear Off Your Own Head (It's a Doll Revolution', which is a rocker, but a weird one as it was also the first single off Elvis Costello's most recent album. 'Stealing Rosemary' is acoustic and jangly and laidback. It has a Simon and Garfunkel and Mamas and Papas feel to it. 'Something That You Said', the new single, meanwhile melts me away. 'Ask Me No Questions' is slowly strummed and, featuring Debbi on main vocals, is sweet and pleasant. Vicki rocks out on 'The Rain Song', which is a big time old style Bangles rocker. 'Nickel Romeo' is Michael's first song on this, and is very Beatlesy featuring jangly guitars and very clever with its deleivery and content. Towards the end it becomes like something off ''Sergeant Pepper'. 'Ride the Ride' was one of the stand-out live tracks from their recent tour. The introduction sounds a bit like Madonna's 'Ray of Light' before the tune rocks out Bangles style with four part harmonies and Susanna on lead vocal duties. It is very groovy and pyschedelic. Susanna's 'I Will Take Care of You' is easily far superior to 1988's 'Eternal Flame'. The track is acoustic and features some lovely harmonies. "I will take care of you/No bad how bad the demons are in your world/Life, or whatever, gets to you/I will take care of you" sings Susanna tenderly. This goes beyond music. It is pure passion. 'Here Right Now' is another perky old style Bangles rocker. 'Single by Choice' has Vicki recommending us to stay single. 'Lost at Sea' is a pleasant Debbie sung tune, the end of which sounds a bit like 'Manic Monday' The rest of the album is equally pleasant, ending with 'Between the Two', which is reminiscent of R.E.M. in feel, and then finally Susanna's 'Grateful' which sounds like something that Mary Hopkin might sing. So to recap, on the whole, a grown up album, which is full of 60's influences. It might not be the album people or fans expect, but it's still a cracker. It may take the non converted a few plays to get it, but it's well worth your time. If you're expecting another 'Walk Like An Egyptian' though, forget it !

Track Listing:-
1 Tear Off Your Own Head
2 Stealing Rosemary
3 Something That You Said
4 Ask Me No Questions
5 The Rain Song
6 Nickel Romeo
7 Ride The Ride
8 I Will Take Care Of You
9 Here Right Now
10 Single By Choice
11 Lost At Sea
12 Song For A Good Son
13 Mixed Messages
14 Between Messages
15 Grateful

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