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Cure - Cure

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 13 / 7 / 2004

Cure - Cure
Label: Geffen
Format: CD


Slow growing, but darkly impressive self-titled new album from the Cure, back with their first album in four years

The Cure"s eponymous new album is wrapped in a sleeve that is very misleading. It features various childrens' drawings, which in no way hint at the darkness of the material that is contained within and on the 5 inch disc inside. This is the band's first new material since 2000's 'Bloodflowers' , apart from 2 new tracks that slipped out on their Greatest Hits double of two years ago. 'The Cure' is only the band's third album of studio material, since 1996's "Wild Mood Swings'. So that' s one album of new material every four years. This year has, however, already been a busy one for the Cure . They have played various shows, including their smallest gig since the late 70's, and they have put out 'Join the Dots', a box set of B sides and unreleased material. And so onto the new album itself.... The set opens with 'Lost', the the best thing that frontman Robert Smith has ever written, a song so damned dark it could be Ian Curtis' suicide note. 'Lost' has Robert stating "I can"t find myself" over a slow drawn out guitar with the saddest of drum rolls, and a very deep bass. It is as desperate as a song can possibly be. 'Labyrinth' has a Japanese feel, and sounds familiar, like something that might have been found on the Cure's 1987 album, 'Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me.' It has a haunting tune and ends with upfront vocals with Robert singing over and over "It's not the same you." 'Before Three' is very commercial pop, and similar to tracks on 'Wild Mood Swings', while 'Truth, Goodness and Beauty' is reflective in mood, and slowly delivered and rather beautiful. 'The End of the World ', the first single, follows. It is by no means terrible, but, by the standards of other Cure singles, is rather weak. After countless listens, you do, however, grow fond of it. 'Anniversary' is more old school Cure. It has a catchy bass and is reflective in style.It is reminiscent of some of the tracks that might be found on their 1981 album, 'Faith'. 'Us or Them' sounds like a combination of the 1990 single 'Never Enough' and their 1992 album 'Wish' . Again Robert is in an angry mood. "Get your f**king world out of my hair" he wails. 'Alt. End' is poppy and jangly, while 'Taking Off ', which follows, is almost a rewrite of their classic 'Just Like Heaven' single. 'Never is Again' is reminiscent again of "Never Enough'. This is followed by the album"s second greatest track , the ten minute plus 'The Promise', a guitar heavy beast of a song and this album's version of the title track off 1989's 'Disintegration'. Robert's howls are heavy and painful, and this song is a fine example of how he shows us he is still one of us with hurt still heavy in his heart. It is very angst ridden and beautiful. 'The Cure' then ends with the gentle and reflective Going Nowhere'. I have to say this record wasn't instant for me and it took a while for me to love it but love it I do now

Track Listing:-
1 Lost
2 Labyrinth
3 Before Three
4 The End Of The World
5 Anniversary
6 Us Or Them
7 Alt.end
8 (I Don't Know What's Going) On
9 Taking Off
10 Never
11 The Promise

Have a Listen:-

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