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Cure (2004)

Slow growing, but darkly impressive self-titled new album from the Cure, back with their first album in four years

Cure (2004)

The End Of The World
Disappointing new single from the Cure, which is saved by its B sides

Cure (2008)

Mildly disappointing second single from the Cure's forthcoming new album, which is eclipsed by its stunning B side

Cure (2008)

Sleep, When I'm Dead
Fine third single from the Cure’s forthcoming new album

Sonic Youth (2004)

Sonic Nurse
19th album from the ever impressive Sonic Youth, which finds them as "strong a band as they ever were" and still capable of turning heads



AC's A-Z of Music
G-Geffen Vs Young Neil Young - G-Geffen Vs Young

Andy Cassidy, in his 'A-C's A-Z of Music', examines the 80's lawsuit between record company boss David Geffen and Neil Young, which ensued after Young released a set of experimental albums

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