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Cure - Trilogy

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 15 / 7 / 2003

Cure - Trilogy


The Cure have recently released 'Trilogy', a film of a lengthy, but powerful concert performed in Berlin last year. Anthony Strutt finds it essential viewing for fans

'Trilogy' is the Cure's 2nd UK DVD release to date and consists of 2 DVD discs which last a total of 223 minutes. Over the course of the 2 discs, we get one lengthy, but powerful concert which was performed last November at the Tempodrome in Berlin. There were 3 'Trilogy' concerts in total. There was a warm up show in Brussels and then 2 in Berlin. The DVD is a film of the 2nd night. This DVD is aimed, of course, at loyal Cure fans, but will also appeal to Goths and anyone else who wears black all the time because life is not always a bed of red roses. At the 'Trilogy' concerts the Cure performed 3 of their albums in their entirety, taking a short a break in between each one. The albums were 1982's 'Pornography', the darkest of the 3 here ; 1989's 'Disintegration' and the band's latest studio album 2000's 'Blood Flowers'. 'Pornography' has a very black feel to it and was the album in which the Cure first found themselves described as Goths, but if you listen to the band's previous 2 albums. 1981's 'Faith' and 1980's 'Seventeen Seconds', you can see that they were getting darker anyway. 'Pornography' finds the Cure shrouded in black, with clouds of Gothic smoke everywhere. It is not a happy album and is best played in isolation late at night and reflecting on life. 'Pornography' is a fine follow up to 'Faith' which I actually prefer, but many Cure fans say 'Pornography' is their greatest work, so what do I know ???? 'Pornography' is performed on the 'Trilogy' DVD by the band's current 5 piece line up with style and gravity and, like the album, is intense and dark. Heavy strobe lightning makes this a very visual presentation. 'Pornography' sets up the mood for the rest of the performance. Next up is the Cure's break through album, 'Disintegration'. It is again a heavy record, but its impact was slightly softened at the time of its release by the world wide hit of the first single from the album, 'Lullaby'. 'Pornography' is the more interesting of the 2 live pieces, as not very many people got to see 'Pornography' performed live first time around compared to the stadium-selling 'Prayer' tour ('Disintegration'). No one in the United States in fact saw the original 3 piece perform 'Pornography' as the band broke up shortly after its completion. 'Disintegration' is more part of a Cure fan's life whereas 'Pornography' is more part of a Goth's life. I had a few problems with the second part of the performance as 'Pornography' is shot as a concert, while 'Disintegration' uses lots of weird camera angles and is in part shot as if it is being filmed underwater. Neither of these effects really work at all. The second disc contains only one album's worth of material, the most recent studio album 'Blood Flowers'. which produced no singles at all from it. All 3 records are performed well and are intensly filmed in a notoriously divided city with that in mind, and at the right time of year. This wouldn't have worked in London in the summer. The cameras shots do make you dizzy at times, and there is too much movement. All 3 records are played as set pieces without many smiles until the end. After 'Blood Flowers' we get offered 2 songs from 'Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me' as encores, 'If Only Tonight We Could Sleep' and the rock guitar onslaught of 'The Kiss'. These alone are worth your £ 20 admission charge. This is followed by a 30 minute interview session by each member of the Cure on various subjects relating to the 'Trilogy', and is again very interesting. There is possibly another interview on disc one but it is hidden. On the whole, therefore, 'Trilogy' is very dark, and very essential and a must for Cure fans everywhere.

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Cure - Trilogy

Cure - Trilogy

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