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Cure - 4.13 Dream

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 8 / 11 / 2008

Cure - 4.13 Dream
Label: Suretone/Geffen
Format: CD


Excellent first album in four years from the Cure, but which has to grow on its listener before being fully appreciated

The Cure's latest offering is a double album, but, as a result of their new label falling out with the band already, it is now being delivered in two parts, with the second and apparently much darker part being released next year. This first part still checks in at 52 minutes and begins with ‘Underneath the Stars’, which is massive and haunting in only the way that the Cure can deliver. This opening track is gritty and very moody, setting a tone for what is to follow. It features heavy guitars for over two minutes before Robert Smith’s vocal comes in. This is a song to get lost in, but also sounds very fresh for the Cure, while at the same time also holding an air of the band's classic 1989 ‘Disintegration’ album. ‘The Only One’ was a single and a perfect choice too. This is Cure pop at its best.‘The Reasons Why’ is a very commercial sing-a-long pop song with the best bass line this side of New Order. Despite its upbeat sound, its theme is darker as it is about suicide. It also, in what is a first for the Cure, features backing vocals. ‘Freakshow’ was also a single and is another pure pop number. ‘Siren Song’ is slow and bubbly with a country twang and sounds a lot like ‘This is a Lie’ from the Cure’s 1996 album ‘Wild Mood Swings’. ‘The Real Snow White’ repeats itself a lot with its beefy and gritty guitars, but this is classy Cure with Robert in very tortured mode. ‘The Hungry Soul’ recalls ‘To the Edge of the Deep Green Sea’ from 1992's ‘Wish’, but is a lot more commercial and not as intense. ‘Switch’ is somewhere between Hendrix and the Cure's 1997 single ‘Wrong Number’ in feel, while Robert’s vocal is both lonesome and paranoid. ‘Another single, ‘The Perfect Boy’ is next, but with the tone of what has just gone doesn't fit in too well here. ‘Here and Now With You’, while having a decent enough dark guitar and bass sound, plods along nicely without breaking new ground. ‘Sleep, When I'm Dead’ was again a fine single, but doesn't sit too well here in its positioning on the album. ‘The Scream’ recalls Joy Division and early New Order in its vocals and the way in which the instruments are played. It is one of the bleakest Cure track in ages. The album closes with ‘Perfect, It's Over’, which is angry and heavy in sound and played in a furious manner. A decent album, but one which needs to grow on you first to appreciate its fine fruits.

Track Listing:-
1 Underneath The Stars
2 The Only One (Album Version)
3 The Reasons Why
4 Freakshow (Album Version)
5 Sirensong
6 The Real Snow White
7 The Hungry Ghost
8 Switch
9 The Perfect Boy (Album Version)
10 This. Here And Now. With You
11 Sleep When I'm Dead (Album Version)
12 The Scream
13 It's Over

Have a Listen:-

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