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Capdown - Leeds Cockpit, 12/10/2002

  by Alex Halls

published: 16 / 10 / 2002

Capdown - Leeds Cockpit, 12/10/2002


Anti-capitalist and always good value for money, ska-core punks Capdown are becoming an increasingly formidable live presence. Alex Halls witnesses them on blistering form in Leeds

When I entered the Leeds Cockpit early on the 12th October, and saw the emboldened backdrop on the stage of Capdown’s anti-capitalist fist, which was illuminated by firm lighting, I was given a powerful early reminder of the ferocity that was about to come that night. Playing after the highly-rated Twofold, Vanilla Pod played one of the most energetic sets that I have seen seen in a while. One of the very few decent bands to have roots in Norfolk, Vanilla Pod, from Kings Lynn, looked for a moment as if they were going to outplay Capdown and eventually came very close. With songs like 'Big Decision', 'Movie For Life' and 'World Sized Playground', from their latest 'Third Time Lucky' album, Vanilla Pod have grown up since their inauguration back in February 1995. They certainly sound more polished since their support tour with No Use For a Name, back in September 2000 and are soon to release a fourth album on Deck Cheese Records which may prove to be their final stepping stone onto the stage of emo-core stardom. Capdown are the embodiment of uprising, hence their name which is derived from the phrase Capitalism Down. Having grafted for a few years, Capdown are emerging as the greatest ska-core band and live act of present day: to have never seen the Milton Keynes foursome is never to have lived. Capdown are one of those must-see bands who are without doubt constantly improving and command venues better than any other, living off buoyant crowds, and never leaving a soul disappointed from any performance. Their weaker sets tend to be on bigger stages but, within the confines of the 'Radio 1 Venue of the Year', the Leeds Cockpit, the band were at home and sounded acoustically perfect. Tonight’s performance left not a thing to be desired. The crowd were treated to some pumping punk rock, gravelly hardcore and, most importantly, the seamless ska that Capdown have based themselves around. The band chose to play a mix of new and old tracks, as always concentrating on their best material. Pick up a Capdown album , however, and try and find a poor track, it is impossible. 'Cousin Cleotis', a band favourite, ended the show in an atmosphere of excitement. The material they played before then was even more satisfying. The typical crowd-pleasers, 'Pound for the Sound' and 'Headstrong', were performed with ease, making heartbeats palpitate along with the pulsing beat of the music. Lead singer, Jake, conducted circle-pits towards the end of the night, centring one around Vanilla Pod frontman, Rob Bunting, as he joined in with the entertainment. At the end of the night credit must be given to a band who are making inroads within punk and, taking everything in their stride, are downright gracious with their newly-found fame.

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Capdown - Leeds Cockpit, 12/10/2002

Capdown - Leeds Cockpit, 12/10/2002

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