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Miscellaneous - Out of the Blue

  by James Alexander

published: 23 / 2 / 2002

Miscellaneous - Out of the Blue
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In the latest in our series, in which a different one of our writers writes about a favourite album of his or her choice, James Alexander writes about ELO's much maligned 1978 album '"Out of the Blue'.

This album rules and that's final. Beatles-esque pop ('Turn to Stone'/'Sweet Talkin' Woman' etc) Massive ballads ('It's Over'/'Big Wheels') and huge set piece numbers ('Wild West Hero'/ 'Mr Blue Sky'),not to mention the playful nonesense of 'Jungle'" and the atmospheric interlude of 'The Whale',and that literally isn't the half of it. I am not joking ! Nor am I attempting to be kitsch or any of that "so bad it's good" bullshit. This record is so good it's ace and it used to be on blue vinyl just for good measure. No amount of Alan Partridge hijacking or attempted revivals by Sony records can diminish the power of this fine disc. (It's mid price on CD now..what are you waiting for!!) I could have picked a whole host of "cooler", more obscure titles but this album has been in my life since 1978 (or thereabouts) and has seen off many other records over the years that at one time or another made me feel vaguely embarassed to love ELO,and this album especially. It's all down to Jeff Lynne. If you don't like the way his records sound (rich but dry, natural but with atmosphere) your never going to like 'Out of the Blue'. I think Bob Stanley (St Etienne) suggested that some studios have a Jeff Lynne button, and he does have a highly stylised sound. Everything he touches ends up sounding like ELO-Brian Wilson, Roy Orbison, even'"Free as a Bird', all of which he has also produced, sound more like ELO than the Beatles, Theres a paradox for you! None of my friends like this record. They are idiots and I don't know why i'm still friends with them. It's that kind of record.

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Miscellaneous - Out of the Blue

Miscellaneous - Out of the Blue

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